Academic Advising

We encourage all students to meet with your academic advisor prior to registering for classes. Academic advising is a critical part of your academic success. Academic advisors are here to help you achieve your academic goals every step of the way.

Each academic program has unique ways of handling student advising. Undergraduate students in Pre-majors need to see an academic advisor in the Academic Success and Advising Center.

Academic advising is conducted on a department by department basis for both Undergraduate and Graduate programs. Please see the appropriate links below for Undergrad and Graduate Advising.

Undergraduate Advising:

Please visit: Undergraduate Advising Home

Graduate Advising:

Graduate Advising is completed individual by each college/school and sometime academic program. The link below will connect you on how to contact your department for academic advising.

Please visit: Contact Graduate Advising Groups


How To Register For Your Courses

  1. Go to the Bursar's Office

    (Student Commons 5th Floor) to pay a registration advance payment of $200. If you have a third party sponsor, please take your letter of sponsorship to the Third-Party Sponsor Office. If you are a continuing student at CU Denver, you do not have to pay the deposit before registering.

  2. Log into: UCDAccess

  3. Once logged-in, go to student tab, under the “Student Center” link and enroll in courses for the current semester. If you need more details on how to register or enroll in classes please see this document.

* Please note that there are specific dates for registration for each student based on their completed hours, check out the date of when to register for classes.


Enrollment Requirements For F-1 & J-1 Students

Fall/Spring Semester Requirements

All F-1 and J-1 international students must be enrolled full-time at CU Denver during the Fall and Spring semesters. All of these classes must be completed at CU Denver to maintain immigration status. For additional information on how to maintain status, please see our page on Regulations & Procedures. Students in their last semester may apply for a Reduced Course Load if fewer credits are required to graduate.

Minimum Credit Hour Requirement

Undergraduate Enrollment Requirement:

12+ Credit Hours

Graduate Enrollment Requirement:

5+ Credit Hours

There is no restriction on course type or instruction mode for the Spring 2021 semester.  A student may take all remote or online classes to maintain F-1 or J-1 status with the following exception: 

IF Spring 2021 is your first semester In the U.S. starting your academic program on F-1, you will be required to meet the following additional requirement: 

  • Enrollment in 1 class (1-3 credit hours) of total enrollment must be in-class, hybrid, thesis, internship, independent study,​ or dissertation credit.

Rules are subject to change if ICE/SEVP issues new guidance for future semesters.