J-1 Academic Training (AT)

Academic Training (AT) is work, training, or experience related to the student’s field of study. AT is for J-1 Students. Appropriate activities vary over disciplines. Academic training may involve sequential or simultaneous activities, either paid or unpaid, with several employers, U.S. or foreign, provided the application approval procedures are followed for each employer and activity, and time limits are not exceeded. [22 C.F.R. § 62.23 (f)]


Participation in Academic Training: A student may participate in Academic training during his or her studies (Pre-completion) or commencing not later than 30 days after completion of his or her studies (Post-completion).

18-month general limit: For undergraduate, non-degree J-1 students, and pre-doctoral training, academic training cannot exceed 18 months (inclusive of any prior academic training in the United States) or the period of a full course of study in the United States, whichever is less; except, additional time for academic training is allowed to the extent necessary for the EV to satisfy the mandatory requirements of his or her degree program.

36-month limit: For post-doctoral training, academic training does not exceed a total of 36 months (inclusive of any prior academic training in the United States) or the period of a full course of study in the United States, whichever is less. A new Form DS-2019 shall be issued for each 18 month period.

Hours per week: All academic training is counted as full-time, even if the employment is on a part-time basis. All academic training (part-time or full-time) authorized before completion of your program will be deducted from the amount of Academic Training that is available after completing your degree.

Paid or Unpaid: Both paid and unpaid positions are acceptable for academic training. If the position is post-completion academic training and is unpaid, the student must demonstrate sufficient financial support during that time.

Authorization Procedures

  1. Set an Appointment with your International Services Specialist
  2. Obtain a letter of offer from an employer. The letter should be on company letterhead and include job title, detailed job duties and description, number of hours per week, dates & location of employment, and supervisor name, phone number, and email.
  3. Take an offer letter to the Experiential Learning Center for approval and to complete a Learning Agreement Packet.
      • Have an Academic Dean or Academic Advisor in your department review the letter of offer and request that they write you a letter of support.
  4. Turn both completed letters and approval from the Experiential Learning Center into International Student & Scholar Services requesting the review of the letters for Academic Training. ISSS will then authorize academic training for the appropriate period of time.
  5. Return to pick up your Academic Training Authorization Letter and DS-2019 noted with the authorization and extension.
  6. A copy of the Academic Training Authorization letter and copy of DS-2019 will serve as proof of work authorization for your employer. Please keep the original letter and all DS-2019s.

Special Issues

Multiple Employers or Change of Employers: Academic training may involve several employers for paid or unpaid positions provided the application and approval procedures are followed for each employer. You must have a separate authorization letter for each employer. To change employers you must get authorization for the new employer before the old employment ends. Speak to an International Student Advisor for guidance.

Government Sponsored Students: Provide a letter to International Student & Scholar Services from government sponsor showing their support of extending the DS-2019 for academic training purposes.

Third Party Providers: Students sponsored by third party providers (i.e. Fulbright students) will need to get academic training authorization from their sponsors.

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