Financial Responsibility for Current Sponsored International Students

A Sponsor will typically cover tuition and approved mandatory fees set forth by the University (refer to Bursar’s website for the Fee Matrix). In addition, a Sponsor may opt-out to pay a specific charge such as tuition and fees for online/hybrid/remote courses, concurrent courses at another institution, cross-enrollment, and/or health insurance. Charges not covered by the student’s sponsorship will remain the student’s financial responsibility.

Sponsorship does not mean the Sponsor will cover all tuition and fee charges reflected on a student’s account. Below is a list of charges that are not considered part of the University’s mandatory fees and must be paid by the Student:

  • Unapproved online/hybrid/remote courses
    IMPORTANT: A student may be required to obtain written approval from a Sponsor to attend online/hybrid/remote courses. A Sponsor will not be invoiced for tuition and fees related to online/hybrid/remote courses if written approval is not on file with the University.
  • Unapproved cross degree courses
  • Unapproved study abroad course and program fees
  • Parking permit fees
  • Late Drop course fee
  • Service charges
  • Late payment fees
  • Library late fees
  • Insurance co-pays and Student Health Services usage fees
  • Late Health Insurance Waiver
  • Reinstated charges due to sponsor non-payment

The charges (above) will not be invoiced to a Sponsor unless specific language within the financial guarantee letter (FGL) clearly states that the Sponsor will cover the charge.

Understanding Your Student Bill

It is important to view your UCDAccess account periodically. To view your account balance and statements, log into your UCDAccess student account.

When a student has been classified as a Sponsored Student, their account charges will be placed on a third-party contract. A conditional credit will be applied to the student’s account for the amount that their Sponsor covers.

IMPORTANT: Conditional credit amounts applied to a student’s account do not represent an actual payment from the sponsor. Conditional credit amounts are the items your sponsor will be invoiced. Conditional credit amounts are also subject to change at any time. If the sponsor does not pay the invoiced amount in full for a student's given term, any unpaid charges will be reinstated to the student's account after two (2) terms. 

Bursar/Billing Email Alerts

If a balance is due on your account, a monthly email and E-bill from the Bursar’s Office is sent to your UCD email address. Do not ignore these emails as they could mean:

  1. CU Denver does not have a valid FGL on file for a given term.
  2. You may not have completed the Sponsored Student Agreement Form for a given term.
  3. Your sponsor did not pay your entire tuition and fees from a previous term.
  4. Specific charges were not invoiced to your sponsor.

Please review the University of Colorado Denver's Third-Party Billing page to be aware of the Third-Party Billing process. Please also review the Billing Basics to be aware of general billing processes and procedures. If you have any balance on your student account, it is your responsibility to pay the balance.

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