Employment for Recently Graduated International Students

After you graduate from CU Denver you may have many questions about employment and what you can do. If you are not sure what your options are after graduation please see our page on Options After Graduation. Remember you must have proper approval to work in the U.S., if you do not have approval you are working illegally which will negatively affect your immigration status.

Please see our information below about options for recently graduated students in regard to employment. If you have additional questions feel free to contact your Immigration Service Specialist.

Currently Approved For OPT

If you are currently approved for OPT you may be looking for a job, currently have a job, or looking to change your status to another work-type or other VISA. See below some of the resources we have compiled for you.

Help Finding A Job

Finding a job can be difficult, but as a former student at CU Denver, you are eligible to use some of the same resources you had access to as a student. See some of the job resources below that could help you in your job search

STEM Employment Extension

STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics. The U.S. government has distinguished students graduating in these specific majors the ability to apply for a 24-month extension to their current 12-month OPT to a total of 36 months of OPT approval. [8 CFR 214.2(f)(10)(ii)]. For more information on STEM OPT and how this affects you and your employer, see Study in the States STEM OPT Hub.

Requesting 24-Month STEM Extension


Students that have completed a program in a STEM-eligible Major may apply for a STEM Extension through an employer that is E-Verify. Please check with your employer to see if they are an E-Verify Employer. The University of Colorado IS an E-Verify Employer.

You will also have to have completed a degree within the U.S. that fits within the STEM-eligible CIP Codes. This six-digit code appears on Form I-20. See the list of approved STEM degrees and corresponding CIP Codes here.

Please see the following steps below to complete the process correctly. If you are unsure if you are eligible for the STEM extension, please get in touch with your International Service Specialist for more information.

Application Process

  1. Complete STEM OPT Eligibility Course
  2. Complete STEM OPT Request in MyISSS
  3. Receive I-20 from ISSS to University Email
  4. Apply to USCIS AFTER receiving I-20 from ISSS

Forms and Documents you will need:

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