Letters By Sponsors

To request a letter for your sponsor, please fill out the Sponsor Letter Request Form below.

IMPORTANT: Letters may only be provided if a student has submitted the Sponsor Acknowledgement Form to the Sponsored Student Coordinator.

Sponsor Letter Request Form




Letters By The Office Of The Registrar

Include semesters attended*, major/emphasis, expected graduation date, method of instruction (online/hybrid), degrees awarded and dates received, and additional information you request.

Enrollment Verification Letter Hints

  • If the request is to list semesters attended, this will not be provided until 3 weeks after the census.
  • Online/Hybrid Letters: Includes how many online/hybrid credits you have completed. Check the "Method of Instruction" box on the Enrollment Verification Form.
  • Pre-Registration Confirmation: This confirms courses for which you are registered in for the following term. You may need this to request an updated Financial Guarantee Letter or to request an extension of your sponsorship.
  • Please contact registrar@ucdenver.edu with any questions

Letters By Academic Departments' Advising Offices

Degree Plan Audit

An outline of required courses taken and remaining courses required to complete your academic program.

Request For Major Change

Indicates the credits required and anticipated timeline to earn a degree in a student’s current major, and compares these requiremetns and timeline to a new major. This is typically required by sponsors to approve a change of major.

Online/Hybrid Class Verification

Confirmation from the academic advisor if an online/hybrid course is the only format available for a particular course.​

Letters By The Office Of International Affairs' Sponsored Student Coordinator

Students must first get the Reduced Course Load Approval Letter from their assigned ISSS Specialist prior to enrolling in less than the required number of credits considered full-time for maintaining F-1 or J-1 immigration status.

Concurrent Enrollment Letter approval is required to take classes at an education institution outside of the University of Colorado or within the ESL Academy.

Degree Conferral Letter

​This letter is sent to sponsors and can be provided to students upon request, to verify that all requirements for the academic program have been met. It is processed before the diploma is sent to students. It does not specify the degree earned.​

The sponsored student coordinator can handle most requests that are not listed on this page. Please contact sponsorservices@ucdenver.edu for more information.