Apply For Graduation

Students will need to contact their academic department to inquire about process and deadlines to apply for graduation. Learn more about how to apply for graduation and options in the U.S after graduation.


Grades are posted approximately one week after the last day of final exams. Degrees are conferred and reflected on transcripts approximately 4-6 weeks after Commencement. Unofficial transcripts for continuing students and official transcripts for graduating students are sent to Sponsors by the Sponsored Student Coordinator. Students may still be required to submit an official transcript through their Sponsor portal. You can request an official transcript from the Office of the Registrar.


Last day students can order diplomas and make changes to the name and delivery address is on Commencement day. Students should use the same name on their passport to be printed on their diploma to avoid degree authentication complications. Diplomas are mailed to students via United States Postal Service between 6-8 weeks after Commencement. We recommend students request their diplomas be sent to the Sponsored Student Coordinator, to arrange for their diploma to be expressed mailed via FedEx, UPS, or DHL.

Students affiliated with certain sponsoring organizations should request an additional diploma to be mailed to their Sponsor directly.

Degree Completion Letters

Degree Completion Letters are processed for graduating students by the Sponsored Student Coordinator. The letter only mentions the student has completed their academic program requirements and is expected to earn their degree on an estimated date. It does not mention the specific degree nor the major. Students who need a record to show the specific degree and major will need to request a transcript.