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J-1 Scholar


University of Colorado Denver is an official program sponsor for the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program as authorized by the Department of State. The broad purpose of the J-1 program is to promote international educational and cultural exchange, in order to develop mutual understanding between the people of the United States and other countries.

Under the Department of State’s authorization, CU Denver is permitted to offer prospective exchange visitors opportunities for study and research. The CU Denver J-1 program is appropriate for:

  • Basic scientists of all academic ranks
  • Post-doctoral fellows performing a specified research program
  • Physicians who are not involved in any direct patient care and do not have any form of contact with patients. An official agreement signed by the faculty sponsor, the department chair, and the prospective J-1 scholar attests that there will be no direct patient care or patient contact. A specified research program objective must be detailed in the letter of agreement.


The Department of State allows CU Denver to use the following titles when issuing J-1 scholar 


  • Visiting Professor  (3 weeks to 5 Years)
  • Research Scholar  (3 weeks to 5 Years)
  • Short Term Scholar (1 day to 6 Months)
  • Specialist  (3 week to 1 year)
  • Student Intern (3 weeks to 1 year)

CU Denver also hosts Fulbright scholars, ECFMG Alien Physicians, and Postdoctoral Fellows.

For more information about J-1 Scholars see the J-1 Overview, and for additional information about our updated English Proficiency Policy click here.

For Departure of a J-1, please complete the J-1 Departure Form.

 Inviting a J-1 Scholar​

 Inviting a J-1 Postdoctoral Scholars

 Inviting a J-1 Student Intern

 Request for J-1 Scholar Extension/Amendment

 Request a Change of Status to J-1 Scholar

 Request J-1 Scholar Transfer In

 Export Control for J-1 Scholars

Export Controls and DS-2019 Requests


The link below will take you to the Office of Regulatory Compliance’s Export Control page where you will find important information about export control compliance. 

Office of Regulatory Compliance:  Export Control

Export Control is required to be completed for All DS-2019 requests.  A DS-2019 will not be created if the Export Control has not been completed. 

Effective August 1, 2018, the “Deemed Export License Worksheet” has been replaced with an online process. CU Denver | Anschutz now uses an online software package called Visual Compliance; the deemed export review will be conducted via the “Deemed and Hand Carried” module component of Visual Compliance. With this change, you will no longer need to complete the paper based license worksheet. Instead, you will enter and upload information about the prospective employee via an online form. Upon completion of the form, the request will be routed based on a workflow. Results will be provided directly to the ISSS office, so this process will cut down on some emails and will increase efficiencies.

The online worksheet is more robust than the current form, and may take additional time to complete if you need to gather specific information. The questions are intended to help ensure compliance with export control/deemed export governmental regulations and will provide a more comprehensive summary of activities for incoming international employees.

Please find a step-by-step guide for completing a deemedexport request HERE

PLEASE NOTE: Individuals logging into the module for the first time are required to register with the system. The registration link is  

A login instructionsheet for first-time users is available HERE


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