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Time to get organized! You need a plan to reach your goals. First step—meet with your advisor. Then, take advantage of these resources for help selecting your classes, mapping out your degree path, and paying for college.

At CU Denver, students have a unique opportunity to benefit from engaging with a diverse student population. With the Learning Hub, you have a ton of resources and services to help you succeed in your classes and get the most out of your experience, digitally and across campus.

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  • Colorful graphic of a person with flowing hair and thoughts of travel

    Travel Isn't Always Pretty

    Aug 29, 2022
    "I spent the spring semester of my sophomore year studying abroad in Heredia, Costa Rica. To say that semester changed my life would be an understatement. Without sounding too dramatic, I became a completely different person."
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Jobs & Careers

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An education is more than schoolwork. Exploring, researching, traveling, and gaining real world experience will prepare you for graduation and beyond. Whether you need professional experience, career connections, or even just a paycheck for now, find all your employment opportunities with LynxConnect.

Taking good care of your body and mind will help you to thrive under the challenges and pressures of being a student. From weight rooms and fitness classes to counseling and coaching, you have so much available to assist you on your wellness journey. If you're experiencing an emergency, call 911!

Healthy Happy Life

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  • tie dye versions of a smiling woman in sunglasses

    The Paradoxical Pursuit of Happiness

    Sep 9, 2022
    Why the relentless search for happiness can, in fact, make us more unhappy. When the belief that happiness can and should be consistently sustained clashes with a reality in which it cannot, it creates a particular brand of suffering.
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  • Mixed Media image of Cu Denver SGA leader Juan Gonzalez and Morgan DeVito with a colorful rainbow and city skyline illustation

    Meet Your President and VP

    Sep 23, 2022
    This year is CU Denver’s 50th Anniversary, and it’s only the beginning. SGA President Juan Gonzalez and VP Morgan DeVito express their concerns and hopes for the future of the university.
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As a Lynx, you have access to student services to support you in many ways. And studies show that when you get involved on campus and engage with your peers, you do better in class. Plus, you’ll meet new people, find new opportunities, discover new passions, and probably have more fun. Get involved!