Academic Standing Policy

The Academic Standing (formerly called the Academic Probation) policy identifies rules and procedures that apply to students based on their academic standing. The new policy goes into effect this Spring 2021 semester. It is designed to:

1. Improve the overall student experience with respect to the academic standing process when their cumulative GPA falls below 2.00.

2. Allow students on Academic Monitoring to maintain their full-time status (see details below)

3. Improve retention, persistence, and graduation success of students.

The policy maintains four levels of academic standing:

1. Academic Warning (formerly called Academic Probation)

2. Academic Monitoring (formerly called Academic Restricted Probation)

3. Academic Suspension

4. Academic Good Standing (cumulative is 2.0 or higher)

A student has five attendance semesters or 30 hours (whichever is more) to improve their cumulative CU GPA to 2.00. 

Academic Warning

Student’s cumulative CU GPA falls below 2.00.

  • Student notified via university email of status

  • Student must complete Academic Support Module

  • Once cumulative CU GPA reaches 2.00 or better, student is considered “In Good Standing”

Academic Monitoring

If a student on Academic Warning is unable to achieve a 2.00 semester GPA or higher in any given semester, student will be placed on “Academic Monitoring” and notified via university email.

  • A student on Academic Monitoring may enroll in a maximum course load of 13 credits (fall/spring) or 7 credits (summer) in subsequent semesters until their cumulative GPA is at or above 2.00.

  • A student on Academic Monitoring must meet with their academic advisor each semester before registering for classes.

Academic Suspension

A student on Academic Monitoring who does not meet the 2.00 minimum semester GPA will be placed on Academic Suspension.

  • A student’s Academic Suspension status is permanently indicated on their official University of Colorado transcript.

  • The minimum duration of Academic Suspension is for a period of one year (three semesters, including summer term).

  • A student placed on Academic Suspension will be unable to take courses from any CU campus while the suspension is in place.

  • Should a student be placed on Academic Suspension while registered for the next semester, they will be administratively dropped from their next semester’s courses.

  • Please click here to learn how to attend CU Denver after being academically suspended.

Academic Good Standing

Student’s cumulative CU GPA is at or above 2.00.