Register for Classes

First time registering? Need a refresher? Check out the step-by-step checklist.

Start planning early!

It's important to plan your class schedule early each semester and register as soon as you can. Enrollment appointments (date/time) are issued prior to open enrollment, based on the number of credits completed so be sure to find your enrollment appointment in the UCDAccess student portal prior to each semester's class registration period.

It's always a good idea to meet with your academic advisor to answer any academic questions and to periodically check in on your degree progress. You can also track your own degree progress by running a degree audit in UCDAcccess, by reviewing your major's undergraduate degree map for suggested course pathways, and by consulting the course catalog to learn more about specific classes and programs. CU Denver also also offers Open Educational Resources (OER), providing free and low-cost learning resources for students.

How to Register for Classes


Find Your Enrollment Date/Time

Enrollment appointment dates are issued prior to open enrollment, based on the number of credits completed. Enrollment appointment times are randomly assigned and can be found in your UCDAccess student portal by clicking on the profile icon. Your specific enrollment date and time will display at the bottom of the menu.

Learn when to register for classes
Screenshot of the UCDAccess student portal student profile section

Search for Classes

Use the class search tool to find available classes and add them to your enrollment shopping cart.

Important: Please be mindful of the different course formats associated with class sections and compare them to find the best fit for your needs. Use the Course Format Guide to compare features.


Add Classes to Your Shopping Cart

UCDAccess allows you to plan out your semester before your enrollment date with the shopping cart feature.
  1. After finding a class that fits your schedule, click “select”
  2. Review the information to make sure it fits your criteria, then click “next”
  3. If you're eligible to enroll, complete check out and register for classes. If you are not yet eligible to enroll, all of the courses you select will save to your Shopping Cart so you can easily return to check out and register for classes when it's your time. 

Check out and Register for Classes

You can register for classes beginning on your specified enrollment appointment date/time, all the way through open enrollment. Once it's your time to register, head back into UCDAccess to finish enrolling.

  1. Select “Enrollment Shopping Cart” from the “Register for Classes” menu
  2. Check the box for each of the classes you wish to enroll in
  3. Click “add selected classes”
  4. Then hit, “finish enrolling” to complete class registration

When to Register for Classes

Enrollment appointment dates are based on the number of credits completed and begin on the dates below. Enrollment appointment times are randomly assigned in fifteen minute time slots.

Important: Please check your student profile in your UCDAccess student portal to find your student specific enrollment appointment date and time.

Please Note: Enrollment dates are subject to change.

Screenshot of the UCDAccess student portal student profile section

Compare Course Formats

Course features often vary by the type of course you are enrolled in. Understanding the features of your course can help you better plan for success in your course environment. Take a look at the table below for some of the similarities and differences between course formats and their course components.
 Primarily on-campus at pre-scheduled meeting times.Mix of pre-scheduled, on-campus meetings and flexible-schedule online learning components. May include pre-scheduled virtual meetings.
Virtually on Zoom with pre-scheduled meeting times. Other online learning materials provided. No on-campus component.Online learning materials with a flexible schedule. Class takes place entirely online. No on-campus components.
Meeting LocationOn-campusZoom & on-campusZoom & CanvasCanvas
TimeScheduled class sessions Scheduled class sessions Scheduled class sessions No scheduled meeting times
Class Delivery
Lecture, discussion, activities in-person, on-campusLecture, discussion, activities in-person and via ZoomLecture, discussion, activities in ZoomOnline modules with text, video, discussion, activities occurring virtually
Assignments & Activities
Delivered and completed in-person and/or via CanvasDelivered and completed in-person and/or via Zoom and CanvasDelivered and completed via Zoom and/or CanvasDelivered and completed using Canvas
InteractionDirect interaction occurs synchronously in classroom
Direct interaction can occur virtually or in-person (see instructor)
Direct interaction occurs synchronously in virtual environmentClass takes place entirely online