The Learning Hub is the newest installation of offices bringing together The Learning Resources Center, The Writing Center, and The Math Lab. This month, we are spotlighting a student who took advantage of tutoring resources at The Learning Resources Center and eventually became a Learning Hub Ambassador to continue to support students. 


Get ahead of [honing your study skills], and if you know you’re struggling, get some help before it gets so much worse.

- Saaida El Dursi

Saaida El Dursi is a Learning Hub Ambassador (LHA) for the Learning Hub and the Learning Resources Center currently in her junior year majoring in Biology and Minoring in Communications. As an LHA, Saaida uses a versatile set of skills to actively engage the CU community in the Learning Hub with efforts like the weekly survey on the first floor. Created as a way to initiate conversation and meet people coming into the Learning Commons, Saaida found a fun way to engage with the campus community.

CU Denver student Saaida El Dursi

As a student who took advantage of our resources, she was the perfect candidate to work here and start helping others. 

Before working for the Learning Resources Center, and prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, Saaida took advantage of free resources offered by the LRC by attending helpful study skills workshops with Academic Learning Specialist, Michelle Hourihan. Throughout the process, she learned strategies and tips that she still applies to schoolwork today. As someone who has been helped by our services, Saaida feels especially well-prepared to guide students to the resources best for them. 

The variety of cultures and backgrounds seen on campus is a major advantage to studying in Denver

Raised in Aurora, Colorado, Saaida chose CU Denver because it was affordable and close enough to home that she can stay with her family while she works on completing her studies. Ultimately, Saaida said she chose CU Denver because, “Out of all the schools I looked at [CU Denver] was the most diverse.” She maintains that the variety of cultures and backgrounds seen on campus is a major advantage to studying in Denver. A true Coloradan at heart, Saaida enjoys hiking and skiing, and would like to “get more into biking.”