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Are you a part of a registered student organization and looking for funding through Student Government's Finance & Funding Committee? Please review the guidelines below and email with any questions about the guidelines. All submissions must be received 21 days in advance in order to process payment and procurement.

23-24 SGA Funding Guidelines

The University of Colorado Denver Student Government Association (SGA) is your elected student government officials that work to provide you with the best possible student experience and is here to represent you and the voices of all students. Our priority is to provide the students with an enriching and fulfilling university experience, and to promote and maintain the general welfare of the student body.

SGA safeguards the rights and interests of all students while recognizing and respecting the strength and diversity of each individual student. Here, we put equity, diversity, and inclusion at the forefront of what we do. As the collective voice of the student body, we are tasked with serving and leading our students with honesty, integrity, and respect. The CU Denver SGA promises accountability to the student body by modeling effective and responsive shared governance that enriches the quality of student life.

Constitution and Bylaws 2023-2024

Senate Agendas, Minutes, and Legislation 

Are you looking for historical documents? As a branch of transparent governance, we are happy to provide the documentation for academic years prior to 2023-2024. Please send request to or Document services are free of charge.

Spring 2024 Documents

January 26 Documents 

Senate Agenda - January 26

A Bill to Abolish the Finance and Funding Religious Activities Exclusion Policy 1

Recommendation to the Finance and Funding Committee on the University of Colorado Denver Student Filmmaking Club’s Allocation Request

01.26 Senate Minutes

February 2 Documents 

Senate Agenda - February 2

02.02 Senate Minutes

February 9 Documents 

February 16 Documents

Senate Meeting - February 16

SB 2023-24

02.16 Senate Minutes

February 23 Documents

No Senate

March 1 Documents

SENATE BILL 2023-2024-8 Allocation Request for Civic Engagement Committee’s Food NourishNow Project

03.15 Senate Minutes

March 29 


04.05 Senate Minutes

April 12

Senate Agenda - April 12

A Bill To Amend the Finance and Funding Presentation Process


Fall 2023 Documents

August 10 Documents

8.10 Meeting Minutes

August 25 Documents

SB 2023-24-03 Bill title rule

SB 2023-24-04 SGA Accounts Bill

Senate Agenda - August 25

08.25 Meeting Minutes

September 1 Documents 

Senate Agenda - September 1

SB 2023-24-05 CORA Allocation Fund

9.01 Senate Minutes

September 8 Documents

Senate Agenda - September 8

SR 2023-24-01 - Resolution to Acknowledge First-Gen Students

SB 2023-24-05

SB 2023-24-06

SB 2023-24-07


9.08 Senate Minutes

September 15 Documents

Senate Agenda - September 15

SB 2023-24-08 - A Bill to Create the Executive Advisory Committee

SB 2023-24-09 - A Bill to Establish an Off-Campus Procurement Policy

09.15 senate minutes

September 22 Documents

Senate Agenda - September 22

SB 2023-24-10 - A Bill to create the Auraria Campus Committee

09.22 Senate Minutes

September 29 Documents

Senate Agenda - September 29

SR 2023-24-02 Resolution of Congratulations to Chief of Police Mollendor

SB 2023-24-10 - A Bill to create the Auraria Campus Committee (1)

Official Opinion 09.27.2023

09.29 Senate Minutes

October 6 Documents

Senate Agenda - October 6

Recommendation to the Finance and Funding Committee on the University of Colorado Denver Lynx Radio’s Allocation Request

10.06 Senate Minutes

October 13 Documents

Senate Agenda - October 13

10.13 Senate Minutes

October 20 Documents

Senate Agenda - October 20

10.20 Senate Minutes

SB 2023-24-04 SGA Accounts Bill

SB 2023-24-12 A Bill to Request CU Denver Student Life Allocate Money for a Sam's Club Business Membership

October 27 Documents

Senate Agenda - October 27

10.27 Senate Minutes

November 3 Documents


November 10 Documents

Senate Meeting - November 10

11.10 Senate Minutes

SR 2023-24-03 - Resolution to Request Faculty Include the AIC in Syllabi (1)

November 17 Documents

Senate Meeting - November 17

11.17 Senate Minutes

November 24 Documents 

Fall Break No Senate

December 1 Documents

Senate Meeting - December 1 (1)

12.01 Senate Minutes



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