Elections 2024

Total Voter Count: 241

Results Export Ballot

President / Vice President

President Savannah Brooks / Vice-President Mitchell Mauro               173       

President Tatiana Torres / Vice President Abigail Gebremariam             61         

Other                                                                                                                      7

Student Advisory Committee to the Auraria Board (SACAB) (choose up to two):

Jessica Valdez                            171       

AnnaRose Craig                          156       

Other                                           15         

-            Shivani Harish                 3

College Council: Business School

Kanimozhi Sivakumaran             223       

Other                                              17         

-            Jonas Gilbert                               1

-            Rachitha Eshwarappa                      2

-            Shivani Harish                             1

-            Dan Graney                                  1

College Council: School of Education & Human Development

Maura Lorden                           222       

Other                                           19         

-            Evan Reeves                                1

-            Shireyas Pujari                            2

College Council: School of Architecture & Planning

Michelle Favorite                        50         

Other                                           4            

College Council: College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Abstain                                       207       

Other                                        32                             

-            Diddiery Santana                       4

-            Yojith Athukorala                       8

-            Cesar Rodriguez Munoz           1

-            Dagoberto Grijalva                    1

-            Zane Kirk                                     1

-            Ali Alnazzal                                  1

-            Faith Solter                                  1

-            Leisa Mencheca                          1

-            Jordan Nokes                              2

College Council: School of Public Affairs

Abstain                                       230       

Other                                        10         

-            Amy Garngarilla                          1

College Council: School of Engineering, Design, & Computing

Abstain                                       194       

Other                                             38         

-            Rachitha Eshwarappa                 24

-            Michelle Favorite                          1

-            Jose Montez                                   2

-            Abigail Gebremariam                   1


College Council: College of Arts & Media

Abstain                                       197       

Other                                        35         

-            Shivani Harish                             22

-            Kyan Thukkaram                         4

-            TaTiana Torres                              1

-            Alexi Petersen                             1


Senator at Large (choose up to 15)

Vrajesh Mehta                             133       

Mudit Nahata                           132       

Mounika Halember                   133       

Cesar Rodriguez Munoz              132       

Jesus Canales                               118       

Sara Peshimam                          119       

Prateek Gothwal                        112       

Karan Rahar                                 109       

Salini Pradhan                                109       

Michael Leaser                           103       

Dyllan Anson                               103

Kyler Peisert                                 94         

Other                                              11         

-            Dagoberto Grijalva                       2

-            Ali Alnazzal                                      1

Director, Student Fee Review Committee

Abstain                                       199       

Other                                           33         

-            Shreyas Nitin Pujari                      22

-            Dagoberto Grijalva                       1

-            Yojith Athukorala                          1


Director, Public Relations

Abstain                                       219

Other                                           13         

-            Preethi Kadaveru                       3

-            Dagoberto Grijalva                    1

-            Isabella Polito                                1


Director, Marketing

Abstain                                       223       

Other                                           9            

-            Q'veeon Devereaux                   1

-            Dagoberto Grijalva                    1

-            Isabella Polito                             1


Dear Voters,

On behalf of the election commissioners, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to you for participating in the democratic process by casting your vote.

Your engagement and commitment to shaping the future of our community through your vote are truly commendable. Your voice matters, and your choice makes a difference.

We also want to express our appreciation for your patience, cooperation, and respect for the electoral process. Your support contributes to the smooth and successful conduct of the election.

Thank you for your civic duty, your dedication to democracy, and for being an active participant in this important process.

With sincere thanks,


Jarrick V. Brown, Elections Commissioner, Director of Student Life



Juju N. Spray, Elections Commissioner, Coordinator for Student Organizations



Kelsi M. Dew, Elections Commissioner + Elections Advisor, Assistant Director of Student Engagement












Please note the following for write-in Candidacy (Election Code, 2024)

  1. Write-In Candidates - A candidate may be permitted to be a “Write-In Candidate” in the race(s) of any office of SGA, and “Write-in Races” shall refer to those races of which no one (0) candidates (if applicable) has declared candidacy 
    1. A Write-In Candidate must receive 30 votes to hold that office. If any Write-In Candidate does not receive at least 30 votes, then that position will remain vacant until an eligible student is selected through the SGA hiring process.
    2. Write-In Candidates can choose to run in contested races, however, they are held to the same rules/regulations that Declared Candidates must follow, and are expected to have the same knowledge of these rules and regulations.
      1. Write-in candidates are expected to turn in a Campaign Expense and Revenue Tracking Form and Campaign Team Form by Monday, March 11. Failure to provide such documentation will result in the Write-In Candidate’s removal from the races and invalidation of all votes cast.
      2. Write-In Candidates for Contestable races additionally shall not receive the same printing privileges within the Office of Student Life, shall not appear on any SGA social media, and shall have the maximum “point limit” of infractions set to five (5) points for that Election Week.
    3. Write-In Candidates for the Executive office must meet the same requirements as to the definition of a “Ticket.” Any Write-In votes for the Executive Team with only one candidate shall be invalidated.



The following positions are open for the 2024 - 2025 Student Government Association:


Read about each position here!: Elected Officer Responsibilities & Duties - Final 2024

Executive Officers

  • SGA President (1)
  • SGA Vice President, Chair of Senate (1)

Representative, Student Advisory Committee to the Auraria Board (SACAB) (2)

  • *must be a resident of Colorado for 3 years to be eligible for this position due to Colorado Revised Statute*

Director, Student Fee Review Committee (1)

Director, Public Relations (1)

Director, Marketing (1)

College Council Representatives:

College of Architecture and Planning (1)

Business School (1)

College of Arts & Media (1)

School of Education & Human Development (1)

College of Engineering, Design and Computing (1)

College of Liberal Arts & Science (1)

School of Public Affairs (1)

Senator at Large (15)

Student Government Association (SGA)

Student Life & Campus Community

CU Denver

Tivoli Student Union

900 Auraria Parkway


Denver, CO 80204



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