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Available Software and Applications

For Faculty, Staff and Students

CU Denver has acquired a number of site wide licenses for software and applications allowing free access to faculty, staff and students. In addition, there are many software products that are at a discounted rate for educational use. 

Approved Software/Applications

Third party vendors are now subject to the same Security Rule requirements as Covered Entities, and are also subject to relevant sections of the Privacy Rule and the HITECH Breach Notification Rule. In order to protect university confidential and highly confidential data, including PHI., the risk and compliance team assesses the security and practices of all third party vendor server applications and cloud services. Review approved applications. 

Database Administration and Support

Research and Shared Services (RSS) can help design, develop, and deploy your database in MySQL, Microsoft SQL, or Oracle. In addition, they can assist with query generation, backups, maintenance, optimization, and controlling user access.

Evaluation of New Software/Technology

The Desktop Services team within OIT provides consultation on purchasing new software or technology. Capability, technical requirements and other factors are reviewed to help make decisions about what hardware and/or software to purchase.

Call (303)724-4357 (4-HELP) or submit a ticket.

Web and Application Development

For a fee, Research and Shared Services (RSS) can help design, develop, and deploy your web-based application. Web applications can meet a variety of needs, including web sites, content sites, data collection tools for research or administrative functions, and the list continues. This service can be utilized by any school, department, center, or researcher within the University and its affiliates.

Online Forms

Formstack is a very flexible form building and data collection tool that can be used to accomplish a wide variety of tasks. There are three main areas of Formstack: 

  1. Form Builder: Select different types of fields and menus to design your form.  
  2. Form Settings: Configure everything from notification emails to approval workflows and form security.
  3. Submissions Database.  View, edit, export or manipulate the data which has been submitted via your form.

Online Survey

Qualtrics provides a cloud-based survey platform allowing organizations to standardize data and surveys.

Security Review or Check

The OIT Risk and Compliance team reviews applications, cloud services and business processes to reduce risk and meet compliance standards.

Video or Web Conferencing

OIT provides video conferencing services to all of the University of Colorado campuses, as well as to numerous affiliate hospitals. Video conferencing allows two or more locations to communicate by simultaneous two way video and audio transmissions. Video conferencing services are offered primarily through the use of dedicated systems. Often times quality of video is higher via a video conference rather than a web conference. 

Zoom is the university supported software for web conferencing. Zoom is a unified cloud based web and video conferencing platform that is offered by OIT as a self-service collaboration solution.

Software Licenses

Review the current list of software available by way of site licensing.  Outside of those products, individual software licenses can be purchased directly through the CU Marketplace. If there is general and continuing interest in a software product not yet offered on campus, we will research the request to see if we can negotiate an agreement that will benefit the University. 

Software Installation

The Desktop Services unit provides software services to all faculty and staff of the University. This type of support includes new installations, re-installs, troubleshooting, repairing, upgrading and uninstalling. Our full-spectrum of services includes proactive, reactive, onsite and remote support.‚Äč