User Data Access Requests

Category: IT Security Productivity and Business Remote Access Audience: Faculty Researchers Staff
A request to access a specific user's data into an application can be made with appropriate permissions from data owners. OIT has created a process to manage these requests which can be initiated by the supervisor of the person in question, or by the department administrator.
For accessing a specific user's data, all non-emergency requests for access to another user’s data must be approved by HR and Legal before access is granted. If the approval is granted by HR and Legal, the IT Security and Compliance Team will coordinate the data transfer with the appropriate team(s) in OIT and the requesting department.

Instructions for submitting the Data Access Request (DAR) Form in the OIT Service Center:
  • Log in to the OIT Service Center (in the upper right hand corner) using your university credentials
  • Click on Make a Request
  • Scroll down to click on Security Services
  • Select Data Access Request and click New
  • Complete the Data Access Request form