Tips for the Fall 2020 Semester

Welcome back, Students!

The Fall 2020 semester is looking a little different, but we have come up with some tips to help you through this semester.

To all our new freshmen: Hello and welcome to CU Denver! You are now officially a proud CU Denver Lynx.

To all of CU Denver’s returning students: It’s nice to have you all back for another wonderful school year.

Listed below are 5 tips if you are new to online courses or it’s your first hybrid style course and is seeking some guidance.

Tip #1 – Determine a Workspace for the Semester

Adjusting to remote learning starts with your new workspace at home. This workspace should be comfortable for you to get things done- it’s usually not in your bed, unfortunately. Daily resources like your notes, your laptop or computer, good wifi connection, etc should be within reach. Another plus is if your new study location has decent natural lighting.


Tip #2 – Make a Schedule

Organize a study schedule around your classes that have a determined meeting time. For other classes that don’t have a designated meeting time, carve out a decent amount of time to get classwork done. Also, remember to set aside time for lunch, snack breaks, and stretch or walk around as often as you can!

Tip #3 – Communicate & Socialize (Virtually)

Don’t be afraid to reach out and send emails to your professors or group mates for clarification if you have questions. It’s difficult to physically see each other so let people know you’re there and try to attend virtual events when you can.

Help & Resources

Tip #4 – Know You Have Resources

CU Denver is always full of resources ran by staff and faculty happy to help answer questions and guide you throughout the semester. They are just an email or phone call away. Contact information is posted on websites and within the newsletters sent directly to your exclusive email address.

Self Care

Tip #5 – Self Care

Keep yourself happy and healthy. Learning from home can keep us working for long periods. It’s important to remember to take care of your health, physically and mentally. CU Denver has resources available to students that are focused on maintaining your health at home.


Those are our 5 tips to help students throughout the semester. We hope the information made learning remotely a little easier and more interesting. See you all in next month’s tips post!

By Nueka Lo '21, from the College of Arts & Media, Portfolio

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