Changing Your Major

One CU Denver Student Offers Some Tips

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The Beginning of Your Career

CU Denver student Elena Hilliard
Elena Hilliard, senior accounting major

When telling someone that you are in college, more often than not their response to you is “what are you majoring in?”

For the first two years of my college journey, my response to that question was biology with a pre-medicine health track. I’ll be honest – I wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do for a career.

Going to medical school was something that I tossed around as an idea, and before I knew it, I was applying to colleges as a biology major.

If you would have asked me during my first year of college if I would ever consider a different major, my answer would have been “no way! I’m set on going to medical school.” Four years later, I’m now majoring in accounting with a plan to become a tax professional at a public accounting firm in Denver.

Change is a Good Thing

When you get to college, you will encounter new experiences that may lead you to find new passions or career goals. These experiences can be as simple as your classes. As I went through my first year as a biology major, I wasn’t loving my classes.

That was my first red flag, but I tried to ignore it. Which leads me to some advice – don’t ignore any red flags or gut feelings about your major. Instead, ask yourself why you may be feeling that way.

Changing your major shouldn’t be scary. It will lead you to a career that you are passionate about.

I wasn’t loving my classes. That was my first red flag, but I tried to ignore it.

We have the Resources to Help You

So maybe you have decided that you are not loving your current major, but you have no idea what major would be a good fit for you. That’s where our Career Center comes in! Our Career Center can help you with major and career exploration so that you can find the perfect major to fit your career goals. Schedule an appointment with the Career Center via Handshake or drop in to their virtual front desk via zoom to begin your journey to your new career.  

Ready to change your major now? Contact the advising office for your intended major to get started today!

By Elena Hilliard, senior, accounting major
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