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Michael Martinez | TRIO SSS Peer Mentor

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Often the pandemic makes it challenging to get out and see the world around us. From quarantine and social distancing recommendations to mask mandates, the world we once knew is gone, and the way everyday life is conducted has changed significantly. However, this does not mean we cannot enjoy ourselves and have fun, especially with spring approaching. Below is a list containing fun, interesting, in-person, and free events in and around the Denver metro area that are seasonal and year-round.

Denver US Mint Open Year-Round

If you are interested in coins and the history of coinage, then the Denver US Mint is the place to be. One of only six mints in the US, the free 45-min tour offers a unique chance to learn about the history of currency production currency while observing where and how the coins are made. If you ever want something interesting and educational to do throughout the week, stop by and join the free tours from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm.

Colorado Dragon Boat Festival

This seasonal festival offers competitive boat racing across Sloan’s Lake. This extraordinary festival honors the Chinese Duanwu festival with exciting boat races, performing arts, Asian marketplaces, and even arts and crafts where people can engage in hands-on projects like knitting and cooking and increase their cultural awareness. This year the festival will take place on September 25 - 26, 2021. You do not want to miss the tasty food showcasing or the traditional lion dance. Make sure to be there for the interactive events like the ramen eating contest or the dance instruction. This event is fun and exciting for all ages, so mark your calendars because you do not want to skip this fantastic free opportunity to submerge yourself in the multicultural event.

Hammond's Candies

Free candy! If you need to satisfy that sweet tooth, then Hammond’s Candies is the perfect place for you. Hammond’s Candies has become one of the most renowned candy factories around. Originating in Denver over 100 years ago, Hammond’s Candies has grown into an international distributor sending flavorful candy worldwide. You can indulge in this free tour showing you how their favorite sweet treats are made. Along the way, guests are educated on the history of the candies and the candies themselves. This free tour is available Monday through Saturday. It is conducted every half hour, so if you are ever in the neighborhood and want to fulfill that childhood dream of visiting the chocolate factory, here is your chance.

Please be cautious and mind the pandemic rules and recommendations such as social distancing and mask requirements. Also, if you are feeling sick in any way or form, please reframe from attending these events until you are better.

Michael Martinez | TRIO SSS Peer Mentor

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