Libraries:  image, video and document storage

You use Sitefinity libraries to store and manage your website's images, videos and documents. You can create as many libraries as you'd like and choose how they display, as well as how these files are tagged, categorized and uploaded.

Reusable: Anything you upload to Sitefinity becomes part of your content library and can be used on different pages of your website.

Public: Content is stored in Sitefinity, and other users can view, use and edit it.


Add your content

To add content your library, go to the dashboard and choose Content from the top of the page. Select the content type for the media you want to upload – images, videos or documents. Upload files from your computer and then categorize them with tags or create folders to organize them within Sitefinity.

NOTE: For video, Sitefinity will only accept the following file extensions: .mp4, .webm and .ogv


Display your content

Once you've uploaded files to your library, you will create a page or navigate to an existing page and then choose a widget to display your content. Widgets are tools to organize and display your content. You can drag and drop widgets from the right column directly onto your page – no design skills required! Learn more about widgets.


Responsive design

Sitefinity uses responsive web design, which means that the website will adjust its display based on screen size and device. This makes the site easier to use on mobile devices and tablets.