How to sort by the original publication date

The original publication date is the date that displays on the article regardless of the date that it is created in Sitefinity. For example, if you were moving all of your articles from another platform, the date you move them over to Sitefinity is often a different date from when it was originally published. 

Many people like to sorting by this original date, newest to oldest. To do this, you will need to follow the steps below. 

1. When editing an article, make sure to use the “Original Publication Date” fieldNewsroom - Adding original publication date to article

2. Next edit a page and place an Article Widget on the page

3. Edit the Article Widget

4. Select news articles using any filtration criteria

5. Click the Advanced button

Newsroom editor - Advanced button

6. Click the Model button

Newsroom advanced editor - Model button

7. Locate the “SortExpression” field

8. Replace “PublicationDate DESC” with “PublishedDate DESC”

Newsroom advanced editor - Sort expression field

9. Click Save

10. Edit the Article Widget again to set up the proper template options and to send it to a detail page in Single Item Settings.

11. Save and Publish the page when ready