Padding widget


This widget allows site builders to add some breathing room in between content elements. Site builders use the padding widget as a horizontal buffer when designing pages to correct the alignment in between widgets. There are a variety of spaces to choose from based on spacing needs. Sizes range from 10 to 50 pixels high.



Color options 

You can choose from the additional color variations below in this widget to further customize your webpage design. To choose your colors, select them under the display dropdown menu when editing the widget.

Light Gray 
Dark Gray 
Light Gold 
Dark Gold 

How to

Drag the padding widget from the right column into your page and drop it in the area where you need blank space.

Dragging and dropping the padding widget

Click Edit to open the widget settings. 

Padding widget properties

Select the proper size from drop down.

Screen Shot of Padding Widget Sizes

Choose a display color and "Save". 

Padding display colors