Frequently asked questions (FAQ Group) widget


Need to share a lot of details and explanations in a user-friendly way? The FAQ widget is perfect for helping your users learn more about a topic, a class, a software platform or a process like registration.

contentTypeWidgetNOTE: This is a reusable content type widget, which means it is dependent upon content you've first created as a content type from the dashboard menu.


How to

Drag an FAQ items widget from the right column onto the page. The entire FAQs library will appear.

Dragging FAQ widget to content area


Choose Edit and in the Content tab, select which FAQs to display. Then, in the List settings tab and List template box, you'll choose from three display formats for FAQ items – simple list, anchor list or accordion.

Setting options for FAQ widget

Additional Information


While both the accordion widget and the FAQ widgets are ideal for compressing lots of content into small areas, FAQ widgets are especially helpful when a user needs to scan dozens of topics quickly.