Hero video widget


Need to display a video across the top of your page? The hero video widget is perfect for grabbing the user's attention with a strong, moving visual. Expressing the organizational brand.



Hero video headline

This is the hero video text.


Hero video headline

This is the hero video text.


How to

Drag the hero video widget from the right column onto the page.

Dragging hero video widget to content area


Choose Edit to select one video from your video library and add a title and select your settings. Hero videos will not display on mobile devices – choose Select Image to add an image, so mobile users won't see an empty box. Also, select if you would like the subhead test to appear in mobile. 

Hero video Settings

If your hero video needs a button to link to addition content fill in the settings below. Then, save all of you hero video settings. 

Hero Video - Button Attribute Settings

Additional Information

Heading Option 

This is widget gives you the option to have an H1 header overlaying your hero widget, rather than having it in the body of your webpage. One H1 is needed on every page for SEO. To make the hero title an H1, simply check the box when editing the widget! 



• When a user arrives on your page, the video will begin playing automatically, without sound. If you need sound for your video, use the video widget instead.

• This widget should be placed just below the top navigation, spanning full-width across the page.