Hero form widget



Want to put a large, powerful image at the top of your page while requesting basic information? The hero form is often used as a marketing tool to grab the audience's attention and while captioning pertinent information from them. The image should be used to express your organizational brand with a strong visual that represents your site. The form should be used to get quick information and we advise it to be short and sweet! The background color on the form is preselected based on your campus template. 

NOTE: This is not technically a widget. The look below is accomplished by using a combination widgets.   



How to

Go to Layout in the top right have corner and drag over the grid-Hero-Form. After that switch back to content. 

Dragging Hero Form Widget

You should now see an area for an image widget and a form widget. Drag the image and form widget in to the area and be sure to put the proper widget in the right place. Select the image and form you would like to display under the edit option of each widget. 

Dragging image and form widget

Additional Information


• Image size should be at least 1600 pixels wide. Always use landscape orientation.

• This widget should be used just below the top navigation, at full-width, spanning across the entire width of the page.