Key dates widget


Need to display important dates or deadlines? The Key Dates widget is perfect for organizing a series of dates in a linear display. Links can also be added to each date to direct site visitors to additional resources. 

contentTypeWidgetNOTE: This is a reusable content type widget, which means it is dependent upon content you've first created as a content type from the dashboard menu.


Key dates example

How to

Create a key date

Go to the Content tab in the dashboard and select Key Dates


Key dates


Click Create a Key Dates Deck. This is basically a folder for a group of key dates


Create a key dates deck


Provide a title for the deck and publish


Provide a deck title for key dates


Click Key Dates and select the option to Create a key Date


Click create a key date button


Provide a title, date, sort order, and description.


Key dates - provide title date sort order and description


If you need to add a link, add the link information to the Link text fields 


Key dates - add link information



Use the widget

Drag and drop the Key Dates widget on to the page. All of the dates will appear.


Drag and drop key dates widget on a page


Select Edit and choose the dates you would like to display under the Content tab


choose what key dates to display in the content tab


Click the List Settings tab to choose how you would like to limit, sort your key dates and display your key dates


Key Dates List Settings


If you would like to apply title to your key dates, click List Options on the same tab and enter your title


Key Dates - Title settings