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Glossary tooltips


The glossary tooltip allows site builders to insert highlighted terms with the following icon indicator Glossary tooltip indicator. The definitions for the terms will appear to site visitors when they hover over the highlighted word. 

This feature is available in the content block and any other widget with a rich text editor. In order to use glossary tooltips, you will need to do the following:

How to

Create glossary content

The first step is to create a glossary deck in the content tab on the dashboard. A glossary deck is basically a folder for a group of like terms. This ability is permission based. 

  1. Go to the dashboard and click "Glossaries" under the content tab.
  2. Hit the button to "Create a glossary". 
  3. Give your glossary a title. Be sure to name it so that you can identify it later, then publish. 
  4. Once the glossary is created, click "Glossary items" to begin adding terms. 
  5. Click the option to "Create a glossary item".
  6. Add a term or phrase and its definition. 
  7. Publish and repeat as necessary. 

      How to add a glossary tooltip a page

      Once you have your glossary deck and terms created, you can use them in the content block widget.

      1. Go to the page that needs a term.
      2. Drag and drop a new content block on the page or edit an existing content block. 
      3. Type in the term and highlight it.
      4. Click this icon Glossary tooltip indicator in the ribbon menu of the content block.
      5. Edit the term text if needed.
      6. Choose the glossary deck. 
      7. Select the glossary tooltip and preview of the tooltip definition will appear.
      8. Save.

      Additional Information


      Everyone can use terms that have been created by an approved group of people. 

      Access to create Glossary Tool-tips will be need to be approved on a case-by-case basis to ensure we're creating consistent definitions. If you'd like access, please, please submit a ticket.

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