Sitewide Banner


Need to display an important message across your entire site? The Sitewide Banner content type is perfect for displaying pertinent information to site visitors across the top of webpages. Links can also be added to the banner to direct site visitors to additional resources.

contentTypeWidgetNOTE: This is a reusable content type widget, which means it is dependent upon content you've first created as a content type from the dashboard menu.


Sitewide banner example

How to 

Create a site banner

Go to the Content tab in the dashboard and select Sitewide Banners. If you don't see this option, you will need to be granted permissions to use this feature. If you need access, please submit a request

Sitewide Banners

Click Create a sitewide banner.

Create a sitewide banner

Provide a title, subhead and paragraph description for the banner. Also, if needed, add link information.

Sitewide banners property options


Display a site banner

First, in the Pages area of your dashboard, find your homepage:

Click the Actions menu to the right and select Title & Properties. 

Title and Properties

Scroll down to University website settings until you see Sitewide Notification Banner.  Click the Select button and choose your banner. 

Sitewide banner in the page properties

Save your changes and repeat on all top level pages.