Embed widget


The embed widget is use to embed code onto a page. This could be used to display a variety of content. Examples include but are not limited to forms not built in Sitefinity, third party calendars (i.e. Google), social media feeds, youtube videos, etc. 


On its own, the widget looks like the example below. Once you insert the code and save, it will take on the look of the intended code. Please note that you will only see the final view when viewing a published page or previewing a page you are currently working on. You cannot see the final view when editing the page. 

Embed widget example

How to

While site builders cannot use this widget on their own, you can request that a widget be inserted on your page by a Web Services team member. Simply submit a ticket here and be sure to include the url of the page and a description of what you will be using the widget for. 

Once you have been notified that the widget has be place on your page, drag and drop your widget to the desired location, hit edit and paste in your code. Save. 

Embed widget edit interface

Additional Information

Embed Widget Alternative

If you would like to embed code without an embed widget you can do so with any widget that displays a rich text editor or wysiwyg when editing. The most common option is the content block. 

To do this, drag and drop the content block on your page and click Edit. Click the HTML button in the top right and paste your code. Save your changes.  

Content block widget


To make your embed codes fully responsive for mobile display, go to embedresponsively.com and enter your code in one of the applicable source option. Once you hit Embed, you will be provided with a mobile friendly code to use in either the embed or content block widget.