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The new Colorado accessibility law, HB21-1110, affects university websites and will go into effect July 1, 2024. This means that university website owners/content managers must ensure your website content meets the minimum web accessibility standards before July 1.

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CTA widget


Need a simple, clickable button that is featured on multiple pages? The CTA widget is just like the call to action widget with some added features. This widget is perfect for encouraging users to take an online action, like "sign up," "register," "donate" or "learn more." This is especially true for buttons that reoccur on different pages as you can create and manage the content for this button in one centralized location (i.e. the Content tab in the dashboard). Another perk to using this widget over the traditional call to action widget is that buttons can be scheduled to publish or unpublish in advance. This allows CTAs to appear for application deadlines or events and disappear when they are no longer needed.  

contentTypeWidgetNOTE: This is a reusable content type widget, which means it is dependent upon content you've first created as a content type from the dashboard menu.


Dual themed colors

Additional color options

Every theme in Sitefinity has three theme specific colors to choose from. They have been predetermined to fit well within your theme design. Furthermore, you can choose to use the additional color variations below in this widget to further customize your design. To choose your colors, select them under the card display dropdown menu when creating the CTA button in the "Content" area of the dashboard.

Color nameColor Example
White text, black backgroundSample
White text, dark grey backgroundSample
Gold text, black backgroundSample
Black text, light grey backgroundSample
Black text, grey backgroundSample
Black text, light gold backgroundSample
Black text, gold background
Black text, dark gold background

How to

Create a CTA

The first thing to do for this widget is to create the content. To do this, go to the dashboard and select the Content tab at the top. Then select "CTA".

CTA in the content tab

Click "Create a CTA" and fill out the required information for the text, link destination, and the button and font size (you'll need to expand each section). You can also choose a color under Button Display. Publish when finished.

CTA fields

Use the widget

Once the CTA button content is created, go to the page that the widget will be displayed on. Drag the CTA widget from the right column onto the page.

Dragging the CTA widget

Choose Edit to select the proper button(s) to display under the "Content" tab.

CTA display settings

Under the "List settings" tab, choose limitations, sort options and colors.

You can choose the colors of your CTAs under "List Template". You will have the option to select from three predetermined theme colors (cta, cta secondary and cta tertiary). If you chose a different button color in the CTA properties in the "Content" area, you can display that color by selecting "cta inherit colors".

CTA - List Settings in the widget

No changes need to be made in the "Single Item Settings" tab. Save. 

CTA - Single Item Settings

Additional Information


Accessibility Requirements

To make your button accessible for all site visitors, be descriptive and concise with button labels. For example, instead of using "Learn More" in regards to admission requirements, try using "Learn More About Admissions". 


Link Destination Indicators

Two button icons are available in this widget so you indicate link destinations:

External site link indicator an external site

Password protected page link indicator a password protected page. (please note: this overrides external site if both options are checked)



• CTA is a short name for a call to action.

• Use CTAs to direct users to key pages of your site that align with measurable initiatives of your department.

• Be sure to only have one link per CTA button. 

• Check out this page, if you would like to manually sort your CTAs.

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