I hear, and I forget. I see, and I remember. I do, and I understand. - Confucius

This describes the power of experiential learning. Experiential learning is the type of education that occurs when students actively participate and interact with their surroundings.

The University’s new 2030 Strategic Plan recognizes the great value of experiential learning and pledges to guarantee access to every student. Access like this starts at LynxConnect. Are you ready? 

The team at LynxConnect offers career and internship advising, job search, and sometimes even funding for an exciting range of experiential opportunities and professional development.

Thinking of doing an internship? We have experts and companies eager to meet you.

Do you like figuring things out? The office of Undergraduate Research brainstorms students on potential research projects, and may even have funding to support you.

While the Office of Global Education (OGE) manages a vast array of study abroad opportunities, we can also guide you on scholarships, using financial aid, and earning credits while you travel!

Meet with a LynxConnect Peer Advisor

LynxConnect not only loves to provide exciting experiential opportunities for students to enhance their critical thinking and problem solving skills, but they also employ students to guide you. Over ten students are trained and anxious to answer your questions, explore options to fit your interests, and to point you in the right direction within our new LynxConnect spaces.

Meghan White, a graduate student in international business is one of our long term LynxConnect student employees. Here is how she describes her own experiential learning adventure while abroad. This could be your story too.

I still remember walking down a street and seeing a single sign with the character "面"
Gubei, China. Known as the water town

I always knew I wanted to study abroad when I was young; I wanted to travel and explore the world and other cultures. When I began my undergrad, I immediately connected with the study abroad office. I also went to the fall study abroad fair and was amazed at how many options there were. Many opportunities I hadn't even thought of were now within my reach. I wanted to study abroad a full semester to really immerse myself in the culture, language, food, and city I was in. So, I did CU Denver’s Semester in Beijing programin my sophomore year of college.  

One of my favorite day’s during the semester was a cold windy adventurous day in November. The university I attended offered a free pass to international students to visit Gubei Water Town. The town was vacant that day, with barely any people. It was so peaceful as my friends, and I walked around. There were many shops around with souvenirs, historical museums, and traditional food.  As the day went on, my friends and I were getting cold and hungry wandering around. I still remember walking down a street and seeing a single sign with the character "面“.  

Noodles, the single character stands for simply noodles. So, we headed in that direction. As soon as we entered, we were greeted with warmth and the delicious smell of beef broth. There was a glass wall where we could see the giant pot of broth being prepped, and the noodles being handmade. Beef noodles are a staple dish in China, and I had a feeling these were going to be the best, freshest beef noodles I would have the whole semester… And four years later, I still remember them.

bowl of noodles
Noodle Street Sign

After my wonderful experience in Beijing, I decided to study abroad or intern abroad three more times—to Barcelona, Singapore, and Seoul.  I really enjoyed the perspective of living abroad and experiencing a country through firsthand experiences—something I knew I would never experience on a  vacation.  Throughout all my study abroad experiences, I realized everyone has their own way of life. There is no 'right' way to do things.  We need to stay open minded.   I think there is a misunderstanding of people who come from around the world, that leads to miscommunication.  We should observe, learn, and listen more.

My worldview has shifted profoundly as I have interacted with people who come from different backgrounds and cultures.  We are all unique and different in many ways.   It makes life much more interesting.  Yet, we are the same because we are all human who feels emotions and learn from experience.

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