LynxConnect: Your Journey Starts Here!

As a CU Denver student, visiting LynxConnect can benefit you in so many ways. Housing the Career Center, Experiential Learning Center (ELC), Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (URCA), and Study Abroad, this hub contains all the resources you need in order to maximize your opportunities and further your professional development.

LynxConnect peer advisor Meghan Mitchell explains:

Our office is dedicated to helping students find experiences outside of the classroom and ensuring that they have every opportunity to explore their field while being supported in higher education.

So... where should you start?

The Career Center is a great starting point! Designed to help students navigate the transition from college to the workplace, this office is a great place to always come back to throughout your academic and professional careers. If you need help figuring out what field might interest you most, the Career Center offers appointments that help with choosing a major, guidance with career exploration, and even has assessments that can help you narrow your interests or pinpoint your strengths! As you continue on this journey, it’s useful to remember that the Career Center also offers assistance with resumes and cover letters.

The Career Center sees about 600 students on average every semester. Get ahead!

Need to gain more experience in your field?

The next office on your professional development journey is the Experiential Learning Center (ELC)! The ELC has everything you need for internships. Attend an Internship Workshop or meet with your Internship Advisors assigned to your major to get started. Advisors are always looking for ways to guide students through the internship process, so don’t be afraid to reach out!

Attend an Internship Workshop or meet with your Internship Advisors assigned to your major to get started!

What about research?

If you’re looking for research opportunities to connect your classroom learning to real-world opportunities, Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (URCA) “is your connection to the research opportunities that are out there just waiting for you.” Through grants, work-study, summer fellowships, etc., you can enter the world of discovery and present your findings at the Research and Creative Activities Symposium (RaCAS).


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Where to next?

After completing your own personal research, what better way to expand your learning than doing so abroad? The Study Abroad office specializes in helping you to globalize your academic and professional future. Whether you want to study abroad in Beijing, London, Cuba, or Uganda, CU Denver and third parties offer several global education programs.

When you close your eyes and imagine yourself studying abroad, where are you?

You did it!

Now that you’ve experienced each of the LynxConnect offices, you’ll be on your way to graduating and everything that follows! Heading back to the Career Center, the office also offers interview assistance, appointments for graduate school preparation, and networking help. Even as an alumnus, you have access to the Career Center for appointments, as well as the Handshake job board!

All of the LynxConnect offices are intended to overlap and help students make their college experience one that bolsters their professional careers. You can start your professional development journey now!

Questions? Call the office at 303.315.4000, or send an email to