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The CU Denver Career Center staff is here to help identify effective strategies for your job search. We have resources available for first year students through alumni that will empower you to take control of your part-time and full-time job search. Meeting with a career counselor will help you learn what the most effective and ineffective approaches to job searching are.​​​ Practice your interviewing skills in a one-on-one situation with a counselor. The mock interview can be tailored to focus on a specific job, graduate school admission, or general interviewing skills.​​

Networking is just building relationships.

Consistently one of the most effective ways to explore careers and job opportunities. It is estimated that somewhere between 65%-85% of all positions are filled through some form of networking. We’re here to help you tap into the “hidden job market.”

M​yers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI): Identify your personality characteristics and understand your decision-making, communication style, preferred work environments, and potential occupations.

Strong Interest Inventory (SII): Identify and prioritize your career-related interests. The SII measures your level of interest in a broach range of occupational categories. Your personalized interpretation will address how these interests relate to careers and majors to help you define your career goals.

​CliftonStrengths: Formerly, StrengthsQuest, this will help you identify your strengths and discover your talents. You will receive a customized report that lists your top 5 strengths, along with action items for development of these strengths, and suggestions for how to apply these to your academics and career. ​

CareerLeader: Intended for business students, this tool, based on research by the Harvard Business School is designed to help you analyze what careers or areas of study within business might be a good fit for you.

​Whether you are undecided and first choosing a major, contemplating changing your major, or wondering what you can do with your major career-wise – the Career Center can help!​

Figuring out your career identity can be a challenging task. Self-discovery can often be difficult because we tend to resist it by doubting our potential and not acknowledging our talents. The Career Center encourages you to take as much time as needed in figuring out “who you are” to better figure out what the best career fit may be.​​​

Pursuing an advanced degree is a commitment in terms of time, money, and hard work. The Career Center can help you to decide if graduate school meets your career goals and to then determine how to get there. We have resources on different graduate programs that can assist you in making your decisions and establishing your timelines.​​

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Individual Assessment MBTI (90 min)FreeFree$60*Now FreeN/AN/A
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Student policies

Rationale for Policies:

The events organized by the Career Center provide students the opportunity to interact with many people in the educational, business, and professional community. Therefore, it is in the best interest of all participants to be professional, organized, and well-prepared. The Career Center policies are established to ensure a favorable impression of our students and graduates to the professional community.

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