File Your FAFSA

First Steps

Step One: Apply for Aid

The first step to be considered for financial aid is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The  FAFSA becomes available for completion October 1 of each year.

Step Two: Complete Your Forms

After you complete the FAFSA, monitor your UCDAccess portal To Do List and email for updates.

Step Three: Accept Your Financial Aid

Once you have applied for financial aid, all future communications about your application will come to you through your university email account. Check out detailed information about your application on UCDAccess:

  • The "To do list" will list any actions you need to take to complete your application. Only completed applications are reviewed for financial aid awarding
  • The "View Your Financial Aid" link allows you to view your financial aid awards when they become available (we'll send you an email to notify you)
  • The "Accept/Decline Awards" link lets you view and accept, reduce, or decline the awards you have been offered. When accepting your award for the aid year, the amount that you accept will be split in half to cover the fall and the spring semesters. If you don't know what you'll need for the spring semester, double the fall amount. The spring amount can be adjusted as late as early January so that you receive only what you need
  • Financial aid is paid into your university account no sooner than the week prior to the beginning of each semester, with excess funds being refunded to you the first week of the semester

​​​​Your financial aid package is subject to change at any time, even after disbursement. To find your cost of attendance (COA), follow these steps:

  1. Log into your UCDAccess portal
  2. Click on "Financial Aid" in your "Student Center"
  3. Select "View Financial Aid
  4. Select the aid year you wish to view
  5. Scroll to the bottom and click on "Financial Aid Summary"
  6. Select the dollar amount listed next to "Estimated Financial Aid Budget"
  7. View the estimated amounts listed for each semester of the aid year you selected, and the "Total Cost of Attendance" will be at the bottom of the summary

See reasons why your award may be adjusted or reduced.

Complete the loan counseling if you're a first time borrower.