Boettcher Scholarship 

The Boettcher Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship for Colorado high school seniors. The Boettcher Foundation defines merit to mean superior scholastic ability, intellectual curiosity, leadership, service, outstanding character, and demonstrating a commitment to school and community activities. Lived experience and the context in which a student has thrived as a leader, either because of or in spite of personal circumstances is deeply important to the Boettcher Foundation. Selection for the Boettcher Scholarship is based on meeting this criteria. A successful candidate also demonstrates a strong potential for continued leadership and service. To apply or get more information please visit the Boettcher Foundation page. Scholarship awarding is decided by the Boettcher Foundation. 

Point of Contact

If you have questions about the scholarship and how Boettcher scholars are supported at the University of Colorado Denver, please contact Scholar Relations Coordinator Karina De Jesus via email at or 303-315-2122.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

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