Campus COVID-19 Weekly Update

Sept. 17, 2020 @ 5:05 p.m.

To keep our community safe and supported this fall, we will be providing weekly updates on COVID-19-related news, resources, announcements, and more. You will also find these updates in our weekly CU Denver News e-newsletter.

For Everyone

Daily Attestation Update

Roughly 800 people are completing health check-ins each day of the week. As a reminder, every morning before coming to campus you should take your own temperature and then complete a daily health attestation.  

Rapidly Changing Status of COVID-19 Cases

Given the changing status of COVID-19 cases on many college campuses in Colorado, it is important that our community understands what we know about COVID-19 at CU Denver at this moment. As you will note on our COVID-19 dashboard, since Aug. 10 we have identified a total of two confirmed COVID-19 cases with campus contact.  

These two students have recovered and there was no evidence of transmission of COVID-19 to their suitemates, classmates, or faculty. What we observed from these two cases was that the students followed our campus guidelines and did not acquire COVID-19 on campus or from other students, but most likely from home interactions.

Consistent with the Denver Public Health’s caution metrics, these current numbers indicate no need to change CU Denver’s operating status. Read more in a Sept. 16 campuswide email.

On-Campus Events and Activities

As a reminder, all employee meetings and student organization activities must be held remotely (virtually). This includes ALL indoor and outdoor activities, whether during normal business hours or on evenings and weekends, and whether typically roomed through the CU Denver/AHEC EMS system or otherwise.

No CU Denver-sponsored events or activities that are non-academic in nature may be held at off-campus locations, unless authorized by the chancellor. To request authorization for an in-person activity, you must fill out an application

Activities requested by external organizations and affiliates will not be approved at this time, unless specifically authorized by the chancellor.

Asymptomatic COVID-19 Test and Flu Shot

The 600+ faculty/staff and students who frequently completed the daily health attestation process when reporting to campus were contacted by e-mail for the opportunity to receive a free asymptomatic COVID-19 test and flu shot. This free opportunity continues, and you may still use the link in the e-mail you received. Others who did not receive that e-mail but who are interested may sign-up for an appointment through our $10 self-pay site. 

Testing will take place at Lynx Crossing from Monday, Sept. 28 – Wednesday, Sept. 30. Additionally, you may choose to receive a free flu shot at the same time.

Drive Thru Flu Shot Clinic

King Soopers is offering flu shots at the Auraria Campus 5th Street Parking Garage, 650 Walnut St., on Saturday, Sept. 19, from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. There is no cost for people with most insurance plans.


For Students

Fall 2020 Grading Policy

As a reminder, we will be using traditional grading policies this fall. “Pass+” or “Pass” options are not available at this time. 

Student Work Spaces

As a reminder, there are approximately 420 work spaces available for students on campus. Check out the computer labs in North Classroom, Student Commons Building, and the Tivoli—spaces can be reserved. 

If you haven’t already, make sure to request an EMS account as soon as possible to start reserving spaces. Visit OIT’s Student Labs and Printing webpage for hours and locations.

  • 69 centralized computer stations with drop-in and reservable options through the EMS scheduling system
  • 56 centralized landing zones without computers
  • 233 school/college computer seats

Students who need more than three hours, which is the maximum time allowed at the reservable spaces, may use open public spaces, with safe distancing in place, at the atrium of the North Classroom Building and the Auraria Library

Students who request a mask exemption at a student work space for medical reasons must contact the Disability Resources and Services

For Faculty and Staff

Employee Surveys

A survey on well-being and support will be sent to all employees this week. As your employer, we want to both understand the extra challenges that you face and explore changes that we can make that may help mitigate those challenges. The survey is voluntary and anonymous for anyone who would like to provide input.

September Programs for Faculty Development

The CU Denver Center for Faculty Development and Advancement is offering September programs on balancing meaningful faculty service commitments, maximizing research productivity, and more. View dates and register here.