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The Auraria Campus is a dynamic and vibrant higher education community located in the heart of downtown Denver. The 150-acre campus hosts three separate and distinct institutions of higher learning with shared campus services provided by the Auraria Higher Education Center (AHEC).

These institutions are:

  • Community College of Denver
  • Metropolitan State University of Denver
  • University of Colorado Denver

One of the shared services includes law enforcement support. Police services for the University of Colorado Denver are provided by the Auraria Campus Police Department (ACPD), a full-service police agency operating 24 hours a day year round.

The ACPD responds to police, fire, medical and environmental emergencies on the Auraria Campus. For service call 303-556-5000.

The Auraria campus boundaries are roughly Auraria Parkway, Speer Boulevard, Colfax Avenue and Fourth Street.

For CU Denver buildings located North of Speer Blvd., to include Lawrence Street Center, Business School Building, and the CU Denver Building, police services are provided by the Denver Police Department. For emergencies north of Speer dial 9-1-1. 

Emergency preparedness is provided by the CU Denver Emergency Management Division.

While on campus:

Be Mindful & Stay Aware

The campus is equipped with emergency towers all over the campus and in every building, parking lot and along the walkways. 

These are easy to identify as they are large red towers with blue lights at the top of them and the word “emergency” down each side. If ever faced with needing to use one and you don’t know where you are, you can activate a tower which will give the Auraria Police Department your location.

Regardless of an imminent threat or emergency, you can use these safety tips to take active step in your own safety while on campus.

  • Be aware of your surroundings (e.g., exits, doorways, etc.)
  • Note the location of emergency wall phones, buttons, and emergency response quick reference guides.
  • Program the Auraria PD number 303-556-5000 in your cellphone.
  • Always wear your ID badge.
  • Add your Cell phone # in your CU Portal!
red emergency light beacon

NightRider Service

ACPD has partnered with Auraria Parking to offer a NightRider service, between 5:00pm and 10:00pm. You can call this number to take you anywhere on campus if you don’t feel safe walking to your class or back to your vehicle or light rail station. If it is after 10:00pm, you can call the Auraria Campus Police Department for an escort.

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