Natural, human-caused, and technological disasters can occur at any time. Having a plan and an emergency disaster kit, increase your ability to adapt and respond if ever faced with a disaster.

Whether circumstances dictate sheltering-in-place or evacuating, developing an emergency plan and an emergency disaster kit is an effective way to ensure you and those around you have the tools and resources in place and ready to go.

The CU Denver Emergency Management Division regularly hosts a variety of courses and trainings, that provide attendees with the skills, resources, and knowledge to adapt and respond to emergency situations.     

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Emergency Disaster Kit

An emergency disaster kit is a collection of basic items your office and or household may need in the event of an emergency. You can have multiple kits to fit your needs. Make sure they are easily accessible in your office, home, and vehicle.

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Evacuation and Shelter-in-Place Plan

There may be times when you need to shelter-in-place or evacuate. Having a plan or knowing what plans already exist, at your work, school, and home is key to effective preparedness. Don't forget about pets and livestock!

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Communications Plan

It's easy to get separated from fellow students, co-workers at work, or family members at home, during an emergency or disaster. The best way to ensure that everyone comes back together safely, is through an effective communications plan.

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Unique Needs Plan

Disasters impact everyone differently. Building an inclusive plan requires a whole-community mindset. Individuals living with an access or functional need, may rely on additional resources during a disaster.

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