Emergency Preparedness Resources for Persons With Disabilities

Proper planning for persons with disabilities in an emergency helps ensure that families stay together with the assistive technologies they need to function independently. The documents below represent basic planning guides to help serve the disability community throughout the Notification, Evacuation, Sheltering and Recovery phases of an emergency.  

Our thanks to the CU Center for Inclusive Design and Engineering's (CIDE) Emergency Preparedness Training & Education Services, which provides the documents linked to from this page. Learn more about how you can improve your own readiness by taking CIDE's online short course "Emergency Preparedness for You and Your Loved Ones."

Egress sign in a busy hallway
Components of a emergency preparation kit
Emergency Preparedness Checklist
Hand holding mobile phone showing dial 9-1-1 in an emergency
Icons for the run-hide-fight active shooter protocol
cellphone on table

Center for Inclusive Design & Engineering (CIDE)

See more from CU's CIDE Emergency Preparedness Training & Education Services. 

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