Annual Security and Fire Safety Report

In compliance with the Clery Act, each year an Annual Security and Fire Safety Report is prepared and distributed. This report must be made available by October 1st of each year, unless otherwise allowed by the Department of Education. Included in the annual report are current policy statements addressing crime reporting, fire safety, crime prevention and awareness programs. This report also has information for the three most recent calendar years concerning Clery crimes reported on campus, in certain off-campus locations owned or controlled by the university, and on public property within or adjacent to campus.   

Statistics are compiled from Auraria Campus Police Department reports, CSA reports, disciplinary referrals, and other law enforcement agencies local or adjacent to university owned or controlled properties. Crime statistics contained in these reports are not representative of all crimes, and include only Clery Act crime data. For a complete list of what is considered a "Clery crime," see the Clery Crimes list. 

The Annual Security and Fire Safety Report is available by clicking the link below, or you may request to obtain a hard copy from the Clery Compliance Manager at 13309 East 17th Place, Aurora, or request to have a copy mailed to you by emailing You may also call the Clery Compliance Manager at 303-724-2215.

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