Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) & Naloxone (“NARCAN”) Locations

Please note: Alarm will sound as soon as the case is open.
BuildingFloorLocationNaloxone (NARCAN) in Cabinet
7th Street Classroom1L100A 
7th Street Garage (PTC)1101 
Administration Building1L100A 
Aerospace and Engineering Sciences1C100 D 
Aerospace and Engineering Sciences2C200 C 
Aerospace and Engineering Sciences3C300 C 
Aerospace and Engineering Sciences4C400 C 
Art's Building1C100 D 
Boulder Creek (Tech)1C100 D 
Central Classroom1V100 A 
Cherry Creek (South)1C100 B 
Cherry Creek (South)1L100 B 
Cherry Creek (South)2C200 B 
Cherry Creek (South)2C200 D 
Cherry Creek (South)3C300 B 

City Heights Residence Hall

Clear Creek (St. Francis)1C100 
Confluence Building1C100 B 
Confluence Building2C200 C 
Confluence Building3300 
Confluence Building4C400 A 
CU Denver Building1CU-1L01Yes
CU Denver BuildingCU Annex - Fabrication LabCU-1400Yes
CU Denver Business School1BUS-1100Yes
Early Learning Center1L100 
Facilities Services1101 
Hospitality Learning Center1C100 B 
Hospitality Learning Center2C200 A 
King Center1L100 B 
King Center2LM100 A 
Lawrence Street Center1C100Yes
Library / Media Center1L100 B 
Library / Media Center2C200  
Lynx Crossing Residence Hall1N 106Yes
Modular Classroom 71C100 A 
North Classroom1C1600 
North Classroom1C1800 
North Classroom1L1100 A 
PE / Event Center1C100 C 
PE / Event Center2C200 C 
PE / Event Center2C200 F 
PE / Event Center1C100 C 
Plaza Building2C200 B 
Regency Athletic Center1C101 A 
Regency Athletic Center2C200 A 
Science Building1C1000 C 
Science Building1C1000 G 
Science Building1L1000 A 
St Cajetan's2201 
Student Commons Building1AB1-1L01Yes
Student Success Building1100 
Student Success Building2EL200 
Student Success Building3EL300 
Student Success Building4EL400 
Tivoli2C200 H 
Tivoli2C200 K 
Tivoli1C100 A 
Wellness Center1West wall by OA Shop 
Wellness Center1North wall by pool office/pool area 
Wellness Center2West wall by restrooms 
Wellness Center2West wall by main gym entrance by staircase 
Wellness Center3Outside Group Fitness Studio 1 
West Classroom1C100 B 

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