Faculty Planning Resources

It is a shared responsibility among the University of Colorado Denver schools, departments, faculty, staff, students, and visitors to prepare for emergencies on campus. This page includes resources for faculty to assist in preparations for emergencies that may arise on campus. 

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Before Classes Begin

  1. Determine what emergency information you will include on your class syllabus. Example of items to include are evacuation routes, assembly location, or resource list. An example of suggested syllabus text is listed below in the Sample Syllabus Language section.
  2. Sign up for CU Denver Alerts! and/or confirm your existing registered number via the CU Denver employee portal.
  3. Be personally prepared for an emergency at home or on campus. Review the Emergency Response Guide and make your own emergency supply kit
  4. Identify your classroom evacuation route. Visit your classroom to check the building evacuation maps (posted in most hallways) for routes and building assembly area. Know at least two evacuation routes from each of your classrooms and pick a designated area near the building's designated assembly area, for each class to assemble at. If you are unsure of your assembly area, please contact the Emergency Management Division for your primary and secondary assembly locations. 
  5. Print hardcopies of the class rosters and keep with your class materials so that you will know if all students are present after an evacuation. 
  6. Understand what to do and who to call should there be a medical emergency in your classroom.

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On the First Day of Each Term

  1. Review #4 above with your students. Be able to describe at least two evacuation routes from each of your classrooms. Inform your students of the specific assembly area, near the building's designated area, that you have chosen for this class.
  2. Point out the Emergency Response Guide posted in your classroom.
  3. On the first day, or any day, practice your evacuation routes by entering and exiting the building using the different routes you identified.

Sample Syllabus Language

In Case of Emergency

Note: Dialing 911 from your cellphone will be routed to the Denver Police Department NOT the Auraria Campus Police Department.

Dial 9-1-1 from a campus phone or (303) 556-5000 from a cell phone to contact the Auraria Campus Police Department.

Call the Auraria Campus Police Department (303) 556-5000 for non-emergency assistance

  • If we need to evacuate the building during class, two possible evacuation routes include: ___________________
  • If we need to evacuate the building during class, our designated assembly point is: ________________________
  • Be sure your cell phone is set up to receive University of Colorado Denver Alert text messages:
    • Go to https://my.cu.edu
    • Choose Denver/Anschutz and log in to the portal using your CU credentials
    • Under the CU Resources Home (upper left of page), select "My Info and Pay"
    • Select "My Info" and then "Contact Details"
    • Click +phone and add your cell phone (indicate cellular as the phone type and preferred number)

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