Non-Degree Admissions

Do you want to explore the University of Colorado Denver before applying for formal admission? Would you like to complete a course for professional development or transfer credits to another institution? If so, non-degree admission may be right for you.

Some courses and programs have additional admission requirements. We recommend you contact the academic department for more information.

Non-Degree Application Deadlines:

Fall: Aug. 21, 2020

Spring: Jan. 22, 2021

Summer: Jun. 11, 2021

Non-Degree Admission Requirements:

Even students who are trying out classes at CU Denver can do so with a purpose. Learn more about our non-degree admissions requirements.

  • You must be age 20 or older. If under 20, you can apply for Summer semester only.
  • Application Fee: You must pay a $50 non-refundable application fee via Credit Card by logging back in to your application

Non-Degree Information

Non-degree students take the same classes as degree-seeking students, but there are some important differences that apply to non-degree admission.

Non-Degree Financial Information

Taking classes on a non-degree basis may affect your costs. For example, non-degree students are not eligible for financial aid, student loans, most scholarships, or tuition assistance. Additionally, tuition rates are based on your admission classification.

Switching From Non-Degree to Degree Admissions

If you are admitted as a non-degree student but you want to change to degree-seeking status for the same semester, you must reapply as a degree-seeking student and complete the application requirements.

If you are under the age of 22, an ACT or SAT test score and official high school transcript will be required for admission to a degree program, regardless of how many credits were completed at the non-degree level.​

Undergraduate and graduate degree programs have varying policies on the number of credits that may be applied from non-degree status toward your degree requirement. Please contact your program for more information.

Continuing and Professional Education

If you want to enroll in courses identified as Continuing and Professional Education, do not apply for non-degree admission. See your program for application information.