Campus COVID-19 Weekly Update

Sept. 10, 2020 @ 5:07 p.m.

To keep our community safe and supported this fall, we will be providing weekly updates on COVID-19-related news, resources, announcements, and more. You will also find these updates in our weekly CU Denver News e-newsletter.

For Everyone

Daily Attestation Update

Roughly 800 people are completing health check-ins each day of the week. As a reminder, every morning before coming to campus you should take your own temperature and then complete a daily health attestation.  

Student, Employee Surveys

Today, roughly 15,900 students received a poll on course format preference. About 700 students have already responded.

A survey on well-being and support will be sent to all employees in the next two weeks. As your employer, we want to both understand the extra challenges that our employees face and explore changes that we can make that may help mitigate those challenges. The survey is voluntary for anyone who would like to provide input.

Planning for the Spring

It continues to be difficult to predict what the spring semester will bring in regards to COVID-19. As such, we have asked schools/colleges to prepare for spring courses as they did for fall 2020. Room capacity limits will continue and scheduling priority will be given to lab, studio, and experiential classes. Similar to the fall, this will result in some classes being scheduled in-person and hybrid, but more scheduled remote and online. Because it’s difficult to predict what may happen with COVID-19 in late spring, schools/colleges might consider hybrid modalities with flexible scheduling. A short poll went to students today to gauge their preferences for modality in spring 2020, and results will be provided when available.

COVID-19 Testing

There continues to be opportunities for asymptomatic COVID-19 testing for our community. Those individuals who come to campus most frequently were already contacted to receive free testing, and others may continue to access the asymptomatic testing for a $10 self-pay. Upon paying the fee, and if there is testing capacity, you will be permitted to sign up for an appointment and a test location.

Drive Thru Flu Shot Clinic

King Soopers is offering flu shots at the Auraria Campus 5th Street Parking Garage, 650 Walnut St., on Saturday, Sept. 12, and Saturday, Sept. 19, from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. There is no cost for people with most insurance plans.


For Students

Fall 2020 Grading Policy

As a reminder, we will be using traditional grading policies this fall. “Pass+” or “Pass” options are not available at this time. 

Student Study Spaces Update

Since last week, Technology Support Services has processed 38 new EMS account requests from students. From Aug. 17 through tomorrow, 79 students reserved student work spaces, of which 73 were landing zone reservations and six were computer station reservations. 

As a reminder, there are approximately 420 work spaces available for students on campus. Check out the computer labs in North Classroom, Student Commons Building, and the Tivoli—spaces can be reserved. If you haven’t already, make sure to request an EMS account as soon as possible to start reserving spaces. 

Visit OIT’s Student Labs and Printing webpage for hours and locations.

  • 69 centralized computer stations with drop-in and reservable options through the EMS scheduling system
  • 56 centralized landing zones without computers
  • 233 school/college computer seats

Students who need more than three hours, which is the maximum time allowed at the reservable spaces, may use open public spaces, with safe distancing in place, at the atrium of the North Classroom Building and the Auraria Library

Students who request a mask exemption at a student work space for medical reasons must contact the Disability Resources and Services

RTD CollegePass Program Update

CU Denver, CCD, MSU Denver, and AHEC mutually agreed to suspend the RTD CollegePass program through the fall 2020 semester after exhaustive discussions with RTD. Students will not be assessed the CollegePass fee through Dec. 31, 2020, and may not use their campus-issued RTD pass during the program suspension.

Eligible students may apply for discounted fares, including the income-based RTD LIVE pass, on the RTD website or by calling 303-299-2667 for more information.

For Faculty and Staff

Changes to Alternative Work Arrangements Policy 

Our regular campus Alternative Work Arrangements Policy precludes providing primary care during work hours for a young child or elder and stipulates that a formal care arrangement needs to be in place during work hours.  

During the current period of working remotely in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, campus is suspending this provision on an interim basis to allow for the flexibility of balancing work and home care obligations. During this period, care of dependents may occur during regular work hours. Learn more about the Interim Remote/Alternative Work Arrangement Guidance.