Congrats, Grad! What's Next?

Congratulations, Class of 2021! You made it! This year has certainly looked like no other and I hope that you're able to celebrate all your hard work. For those of you entering the job search process, I have some tips to help you navigate this next phase.

Where To Look?

Handshake is a great tool for you to find employers who are specifically looking to hire CU Denver students, and you will still have access to it after you graduate. That being said, there are a lot of online job boards. The three most used are Indeed, LinkUp, and Simply Hired. LinkedIn is a very effective tool, if you have a profile set up. If you don't, a career counselor can help you get started. 

Beyond job boards, the single most effective tool to job searching is networking. Networking is not approaching strangers and asking for a job, rather it's letting the people who are already in your networking know that you're starting the search, what types of positions you're looking for, and asking for referrals. This helps you tap into "the Hidden Job Market," that is, openings that are filled by referrals versus posting on online job boards. Networking and Info Interview Resource in Handshake

Have Your Materials Ready:


Your resume and cover letter should be tailored to each position you apply for. While this may sound daunting, you can work from one master document and make adjustments for each job description, using key word phrases to help demonstrate how you meet their qualifications. I'd rather you apply for 10 jobs, having tailored your materials, versus applying for 100 without tailoring your materials. Either way, you'll likely hear back from 3-4 employers for interviews. But hearing back from 3-4 employers when you've applied to 10 jobs feels much better than 97 rejections. Have someone else look at your materials (like a Career Counselor or Peer Advisor) before you submit. 


Your resume and cover letter will get you the interview because you've effectively demonstrated how you meet an employer's qualification. The interview is what helps you get the job. This is where you get to provide examples from your previous experiences that demonstrate your fit within the organization. Go back through the job description. What key words or phrase stick out? They'll likely ask you a question relating to those phrases. Need help with interviewing? Schedule a mock interview or use BigInterview! for help. 


Use Your Resources!

The CU Denver Career Center staff is here to help identify effective strategies for your job search. We have resources available that will help you take control of your job search. As an alumni, you continue to have access to the CU Denver Career Center for free. 

Congrats on this huge accomplishment, and know that we're here to support you through your career journey.