Bob Kossman Scholarship for Military Families

Full Ride Scholarships for Military Families

It's an honor to offer a full ride scholarship to benefit the families of individuals who chose to serve our country - and in some cases, made the ultimate sacrifice. The Bob Kossman Scholarship was conceived to support the strength of our nation through higher education and to give back to families of those who have served.

Application Deadline

The Bob Kossman scholarship is only available for incoming first year students. To apply, you must be an admitted first year student and apply for the scholarship between October 1 and March 1 at ScholarLynx+.


  • The Bob Kossman Scholarship is a unique opportunity for incoming CU Denver Freshmen with the following qualifications:
  • A descendant (child or grandchild) of a US military personnel killed or injured in service of our country or are a current US military, police or fire service employee or member of their immediate family
  • A high School GPA of 3.5 or above
  • A demonstrated financial need (as determined by your FAFSA data)​
  • Majoring in a degree that will lead to a public service career, such as medicine, nursing, and education majors
  • A change in major may affect your for this scholarship

How to Apply for the Bob Kossman Scholarship

Step One: Apply to CU Denver

Before applying for the Bob Kossman Scholarship, you must be admitted to CU Denver.

Step Two: Complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

The FAFSA is available from October 1 for the following academic year. We'll use your FAFSA data to determine financial need, a key qualification of the Bob Kossman Scholarship.

Both you, as the student, and one parent of a dependent student (as determined by the FAFSA) need to have to sign the FAFSA electronically.

The FAFSA will be asking for 2017 tax information. If offered, please use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool in the FAFSA to download the 2017 tax information into your FAFSA.​

Complete the appropriate Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) (school code 004508).

Step Three: Apply for the Bob Kossman Scholarship

Once you're accepted to CU Denver and have received your access credentials, you'll apply for the Bob Kossman Scholarship in ScholarLynx+. Your complete application package will include:

  • A scholarship application in ScholarLynx+
  • A copy of your resume
  • A general essay, included with most institutional scholarships
  • A special essay, specific to the Bob Kossman Scholarship
  • An on-campus interview (for top-qualifying candidates)