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Below are helpful publications and research studies on A.T. technology.

Real-Time Analysis of Kinematics during Manual Wheelchair Propulsion

Date: 8/15/2018
Principal Researchers: Dr. Cathy Bodine Others Involved: Dr. Morris Huang

Wrist-worn activity trackers have become a common technology used in our everyday life.; Hhowever, they have not yet been adapted to provide feedback to manual wheelchair users to reduce pain and improve efficiency. This is a problem that needs addressing as ~70% of wheelchair users report having experienced upper-limb joint pain as a result of using their manual wheelchair. This project involvesis solving this problem by developing a custom wrist-worn device that monitors propulsion kinematics, such as push patterns, and then uses biomechanics to identify patterns associated with pain. This information, provided real-time to manual wheelchair users, has the ability to provide training and feedback that could help reduce upper-limb pain in manual wheelchair users.


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