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A.T. Clinic - F.A.Q.

Below are some frequently asked questions about our A.T. clinic. 

Why do I need to schedule multiple appointments for an evaluation?

Our technology assessments are comprehensive, because we want to get it right! We need time to listen to your needs and concerns, administer specialty tests and assessments, do product trials, and discuss all final technology options so that you can make an informed choice. We typically schedule three appointments to complete a comprehensive wheelchair assessment, and four appointments to complete an Alternative/Augmentative Communication assessment (due to insurance company requirements for device trials).

Who Pays for your services?

We accept payment from an individual’s private health insurance, Medicare and/or Medicaid; Division of Vocational Rehabilitation; other disability services organizations, and self-pay.  (See “Who pays?”). It is your responsibility to understand your insurance plan coverage for outpatient physical, occupational or speech therapy services, as you may be responsible for co-pays or co-insurance.

Do you sell or provide technology or products?

No, we do not sell or provide wheelchairs, DME equipment or other assistive technologies. Rather, we work together with you and the supply company of your choice to help determine a technology solution that will support your needs and goals.  We help you get the technology that you need by providing the clinical documentation required by the payer to justify funding.

Is there accessible parking?

Yes. There are accessible parking spots in the lots around our building, however you do have to pay for parking using a meter ($2/hr).  If you have a handicapped placard, you can park for free along 5th street, at one of the meters, for up to 4 hours ($1/hr). Additionally, there is an area in front of our building for drop offs and loading, however you cannot park there for the duration of your visit.

Where do I park for the appointment?

You can park along 5th street (metered parking, $1/hr), or you can park in any of the lots around our building ($3.75 - $5.25 all day rate).  There are handicapped accessible spots in all of the lots that use a meter ($2/hour). See our parking and direction page for more detail or download the parking directions above.

I plan to use insurance. Do I need prior authorization before scheduling?

Yes, most insurance providers require a prior authorization (PAR) for our specialty services. In most instances, insurance companies also require a prescription, or “referral” for services from your physician. Our Clinic Administrator will help determine your insurance plan requirements, assist with obtaining a PAR, and answer any questions your doctor may have regarding our services.

Do I need a referral from my physician?

If we are billing your health insurance plan for services, we will need a referral from your primary care physician - or any physician that you see regularly who understands your need for technology.  This referral should request a “therapy evaluation to determine technology needs” stating the type of technology assessment needed (e.g. wheelchair, communication device, nighttime positioning, etc).  Our clinic administrator can assist you in obtaining this physician referral.

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