Undergraduate Degree Maps

Grouped by School or College

Business School

Accounting - Business Administration

Accounting - Business Administration with Specialization in Information Systems

Entrepreneurship - Business Administration

Finance - Business Administration Degree Map

Financial Management - Business Administration

Financial Management - Business Administration with Specialization in Information Systems

Human Resources Management

Information Systems

International Business

Management in Business Administration

Management in Business Administration with Specialization in Information Systems

Marketing in Business Administration

Marketing in Business Administration with Specialization in Information Systems

Risk Management and Insurance

Sports Business

College of Architecture and Planning (CAP)

College of Arts and Media (CAM)

3D Graphics and Animation

Art History Emphasis

Art Practices Emphasis, Painting and Drawing

Art Practices Emphasis, Transmedia Sculpture

Digital Design Emphasis, Fine Arts

Film and Television Emphasis, Theatre, Film and Television

Illustration Emphasis, Fine Arts

Music Business Audition Track Emphasis, Music

Music Business Non-Audition Track Emphasis, Music

Performance Emphasis, Music

Photography Emphasis, Fine Arts

Recording Arts Audition Track Emphasis, Music

Recording Arts Non-Audition Track Emphasis, Music

Singer/Songwriter Emphasis, Music

Songwriter Entrepreneur - Bachelor of Science

College of Engineering, Design, and Computing (CEDC)

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS)







Economics and Mathematics Dual

English Writing, Rhetoric, and Technology

English - Creative Writing

English - Film Studies

English - Literature

English - Secondary Education

Ethnic Studies


French - Secondary Education


Geography - Environment, Society, and Sustainability

Geography - Environmental Science

Geography - Urban Studies and Planning


History Secondary Education

Individually Structured Major - Integrated Health Sciences

Individually Structured Major - Integrated Studies

Individually Structured Major - Interdisciplinary Studies

International Studies


Mathematics - Applied Option

Mathematics – Data Science

Mathematics - Probability and Statistics


Physics - Pure & Applied

Political Science

Political Science - Public Policy Option

Political Science - Secondary Education

Psychology - Bachelor of Arts

Psychology - Gardner Research Scholar - Bachelor of Arts

Psychology - Bachelor of Science

Psychology - Gardner Research Scholar - Bachelor of Science

Public Health - Bachelor of Arts

Public Health - Bachelor of Science


Sociology - Gender and Society

Spanish Language, Literature and Culture

Spanish, International Language, and Culture for the Professions

Spanish - Secondary Education

School of Education and Human Development (SEHD)

School of Public Affairs (SPA)