Displaced Aurarian Scholarship

The Displaced Aurarian Scholarship Program provides former Auraria residents and their descendants scholarships to all programs offered on the Auraria campus.

Program Details

The Displaced Aurarian Scholarship was designed to provide funds for tuition and fees for undergraduate and graduate students who were residents of the Auraria neighborhood between between 1955 and 1973, before the Auraria Higher Education Campus was built. The scholarship was also available to the children and grandchildren of these residents. From 1988 through 2021, more than 600 people received Displaced Aurarian Scholarships.

Program Expansion

Beginning in the Spring 2022 semester, the program is expanding to include all direct descendants of the displaced Aurarians in perpetuity. A direct descendant is a person who was born or legally adopted into the direct line (great-grandchildren, great-great grandchildren, etc.).

This program now covers tuition and fees for degree- or credential-seeking students for state-supported classes, at either the undergraduate or graduate level, offered at the CU Denver campus (Auraria). Classes taught at other locations, including Anschutz Medical Campus, are not funded by the scholarship.

Students must demonstrate academic success/progression to continue to receive the scholarship. As of spring 2022, there is no limitation to the number of semester hours or semesters that students may receive support for.

Applicant Eligibility

  • Descendant of an Auraria resident
    • CU Denver acknowledges that families are not always linear or nuclear. For that reason, we welcome individuals who were raised by a Displaced Aurarian to apply for the scholarship. Applicants will be asked to provide documentation that an Auraria resident was their (or their guardians) primary caregiver.
  • Documentation showing familial/guardian lineage from Displaced Aurarian to scholarship applicant and residency

Point of Contact

If you have questions about the scholarship that are not addressed in the FAQs below, please contact First Generation and Latinx Student Outreach Assistant Director Jaime Alvarez via email at jaime.alvarez@ucdenver.edu or 303-315-2614. You can also schedule an appointment with Jaime on Zoom.


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