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Auraria Library

The Auraria Library is located in downtown Denver, and serves the students, faculty, and staff of three leading urban institutions. University of Colorado, Metropolitan State University of Denver and Community College of Denver.

The Auraria Library strives to create a welcoming environment that fosters equity, diversity, and inclusion and nurtures creativity and learning. They are deeply committed to ensuring equitable access to knowledge and information from diverse perspectives for everyone as they build a shared vision that challenges existing notions of the library and sparks discovery and curiosity about the world around us.

Click here to find out how to remotely access Auraria Library services and resources.

Library Services A to Z

Auraria Library offers many services and resources to the Auraria Campus community. If you do not find what you're looking for, you can also contact the Ask Us service desk for assistance.

Research Consultations

Research Consultations provide you with an opportunity to schedule an appointment with a librarian to discuss your research. Just click the "Schedule a Research Consultation" link in the text to fill out the form. Please note that librarians are available for remote consultations via a video call. Just include how you'd like to meet with a librarian in your form submission.

Pro tip: To make the best use of your time in your research consultation, provide as much information as possible about your research topic, how you've been searching so far, and which tools you've used.

Additional Methods of Assistance

  • Text:
    • Text the Auraria Library with your questions to 303-848-8444. They will answer your questions from 9:00am to 6:00pm (Mountain Standard Time) during the week and reply to after hour questions the following morning.
  • Email:

    Learning Resources Center


    Every student learns differently. Every course entails different learning strategies. Tutoring can guide you through this process so you can reach your full learning potential. The Learning Resources Center (LRC) strives to support all students during their academic journey at CU Denver by creating an inclusive and collaborative learning environment that:

    • Fosters meaningful interactions with peers, faculty and staff
    • Empowers students to discover their true learning potential
    • Develops human capacity through independent learning and critical thinking

    Services are FREE and available to all currently enrolled CU Denver students.

    Online Tutoring - Meet Online!

    • Weekday, evening and weekend hours available
    • Drop-in sessions available
    • Online tutoring via CU Denver's Zoom platform
    • Supplemental Instruction (SI)

    Online Drop-In Tutoring Schedule 

    Online Drop-In Tutoring Schedule

    Online Drop-In Tutoring Schedule

    The Writing Center

    The Writing Center at CU Denver serves undergraduate and graduate students on the CU Denver, CU Anschutz, and CU South Denver campuses. The Writing Center provides the following services:

    • One-on-one and small-group sessions, directed by trained professional writing consultants, and are tailored to support students and build more accomplished writers. They assist writers of all levels and in all disciplines on any type of written work, including:
      • Academic essays of all types
      • Proposals, reports, and reviews
      • Theses, dissertations, and manuscripts
      • Scholarship, graduate-study, and career application documents           
    • Services for Faculty
      • Incorporating writing across the curriculum
      • Scaffolding writing assignments
      • Creating effective rubrics and methods for writing assessment

    Sessions are designed to prepare writers to:

    • Understand assignment expectations
    • Generate, organize, and develop ideas
    • Analyze, synthesize and argue
    • Summarize, paraphrase, and document sources
    • Effectively recognize and revise issues with grammar and syntax

    Scheduling an Appointment

    The Writing Center uses WCOnline for their online scheduling appointment system. To make sure appointments are available for everyone, each person is limited to:

    1. 1 (one) appointment per day per location/service

    2. 2 (two) appointments per week per location/service

    3. 4 (four) total appointments per week across all locations/services

    Note: Failure to show for an appointment after a five-minute grace period will result in the appointment's cancellation so that the consultant may assist other individuals.

    iCal and WCOnline: please note that if you are using iCal, your appointment time will display as one hour later than your actual appointment. System emails and texts will display the correct appointment time. We apologize for this inconvenience.

    For additional information, click on the 'Writing Center' tab on the left side of this course.


    1. You must first register in WCOnline and you must fill out ALL fields. Some helpful tips:
      1. Email: Use whatever address you like, so long as you check it frequently.
      2. Telephone Number: Please provide a cell or number where we can actually reach you.
      3. Graduation Year: If you're not sure, guess.
      4. First/Home Language: If your language is not listed, choose 'other' (at the bottom).
      5. Major: If you're not sure, guess.
    2. Now log in to WCOnline using your email address and password.
    3. Select your desired location/service from the AVAILABLE SCHEDULES menu. We offer synchronous (real-time) online appointments during open hours at all locations except the Auraria Library and Campus Village Denver. If you're looking for an evening online appointment (6:00pm - 12:00am), choose the Online Evenings schedule.
    4. First, make sure that you are viewing the correct week and day/date. You can navigate to other days/weeks by using either the overhead calendars or the Next Week/Previous Week buttons.
    5. If you prefer a specific consultant, find the name on the left-hand side and click a white box that corresponds with both the consultant and your desired appointment time. If you have no consultant preference at all, simply click a white box under your desired appointment time.
    6. If you need more help, watch this video on how to make appointments.


    As an online student with the University of Colorado Denver, you now have access to YOU@CUDenver. We know that being a student can be stressful. The heavy workload of our academic rigor, the competing demands on your time, being separated from your family and previous support network, can all have an impact on your wellness. That's why we're excited to announce a new tool to help you manage stress. CU Denver has joined forces with Grit Digital Health , creator of the YOU portal, to provide this additional student support platform which offers a wealth of information and resources related to health and well-being. YOU@CUDenver is designed to help students cope with pressure, set goals, and tackle your academics, career path, and social life.

    YOU@CUDenver connects students to the specific resources you may need to support your educational and personal success. Catered to students, the portal offers more than 600 pieces of user-friendly content, a goal tracker, and three "reality check" surveys on where a student is in terms of academics, community support and emotional and physical well-being. Once a student starts interacting with the portal, the homepage will produce content tailed specifically to your needs. The portal may also direct a student to a physical resource.

    Create and Customize Your Account

    By using your CU username and password, you can begin to create and customize an account. Simply click here to get started!